Electronics - ZZP 1.0 PCM
Electronics - ZZP 1.0 PCM
Electronics - ZZP 1.0 PCM

ZZP 3800 1.0 PCM

ZZP 3800 1.0 PCM

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  • Fueling modified for WOT (Wide Open Throttle) performance 
  • Timing modified for WOT performance
  • Speed limiter removed
  • Raised rev limiter (6300rpm stock cam, higher on aftermarket cams) 
  • Raised shift points (6000rpm stock cam, higher on aftermarket cams) 
  • 3-1 and 4-2 skip shifts
  • Removes lag by changing downshift tables
  • Transmission line pressure increased
  • 185F fan turn on
  • 90 second fan on at key-off (this feature activates when engine coolant is 180 degrees or greater)
  • MAF calibration is year specific
  • PE engagement adjusted to reduce KR
  • Part throttle KR issue fixed
  • Torque abuse modes are modified to eliminate bog at launch
  • Shift KR is remapped for modified vehicles
  • Torque converter lockup tables modified to improve transmission life and eliminate converter lockup hunting
  • Correct VIN number programmed in (if put in note section)
  • Does not alter emissions

Buying from ZZP ensures nearly instant response on emailed questions, fast turn around, prompt core refunds, and a phone number you can call if you need to. The ZZP 1.0 PCM is backed by a company you can trust. The ZZP 1.0 PCM gives you the most requested and sought after features in a PCM.

More Info

1.0 files do not come with any tech or programming support for changes or issues outside 1.0 tuning parameters.

'06-08 Grand Prix GXP/Monte Carlo/Impala SS (V8): We can do this vehicle however the car must be flashed at our location because it has a separate TCM that can only be flashed in the car.

'06+ Grand Prix: 2006 and 2007 cars we need to have your core sent in for us to read/tweak/flash and return. 2008 V6 cars are not supported by our tuning software, we can not tune your 2008

Camaro/Firebird: We require your stock PCM core to read/tweak flash and return. '96 and earlier cars will require installing a '97 core instead of your '96 core because either of our tuner boxes support older than '97.

Some models may cost extra if not listed on HPTuners supported vehicles list.  F.E. Intrigues, Grand Am, etc.

Engine Swap: This is only available for cars using the Series II wiring harness and PCM, we do not offer drive-by-wire PCM files. Swap cars using a 4T65E or 4T65E-HD will choose the Engine Swap + 4T65E option, manual trans cars will use the Engine Swap + Manual trans option. If choosing this option please just put 17 X's in the VIN line. 

PCMs ship within 2 business days of order placement, and sometimes the same day!

  • Electrical items are non returnable.
  • 97-00 GTP: Performance shift mode must be selected to enable the increased ZZP shift points and line pressure modifications. On all other PCMs, we program in the performance tables to run all the time unless otherwise requested.
  • 2001-2003 GTP PCM's do not have Performance Shift so we leave the light throttle shifts near stock so gas mileage is not reduced however 50% throttle and up the shift points are modified. If you want to add the Performance Shift button to your car, we can add it for an additional $20, however you will have to run a switched ground wire from your PCM to a switch in the car to activate it.
  • If "sending core first" is selected, the entire order is held until the core is received and ready to ship. If you have any questions, please contact us.
  • We do not offer anything for any 96 or older cars, 97+ only.  Some '96 cars can run a 1997 pcm core and their car function correctly email Bo.C@ZZPerformance.com for more details.

Remote Tuning/Email a file Limitations:

Our 1.0 remote tune comes setup for the specific upgrades listed in the drop downs. In an effort to keep our 1.0 PCM tunes at industry low pricing we may require additional money for the extra time required to modify the 1.0 file if your mods aren’t listed. For example: Custom or not common intakes, custom turbo or supercharger kits, MAF and/or MAP conversions. However there are plenty of upgrades that do not require specific tune changes. For example: exhaust changes, intercoolers, ported superchargers, those effect the size of pulley you can run.


1. Can I change your PCMs with my tuning software?

Yes. We do not lock our PCMs. In fact, we will assist you with the tuning of our 1.0 file if you need help. You can email us your .bin file and we'll help you if you get stuck. We are familiar with all major brands of tuning software for the 3800.

2. What do the cam files have different?

Further raised rev limiters, higher yet shift points, fueling adjusted for a smoother idle with correct LT fuel trims.

3. Will I need a CASE learn?

Most cars do not require a CASE learn but it is recommended. If you get a check engine light after installing the PCM, then a CASE learn is mandatory. 90+% of cars do not HAVE to have a CASE learn. We offer CASE learns for no charge if you are buying our PCM and in the Grand Rapids area. If you want to avoid the chance of having to do a case learn, then select "sending in core first" on the core charge drop down and send us your pcm core to flash.

4. What if I don't like something about my PCM?

Cars of the same year and type can vary. If you receive your PCM and would like a shift point or one of the modifications that are standard to this PCM changed; simply ship the PCM back within 30 days and we'll make the change at no charge. All you'll owe is the return shipping money.


5. How strict are you on the core charge?

If you have to send back your PCM because of an issue, or are in process of checking something out with the PCM, or working with us on adjusting the file with your tuning software, we will gladly allow you extra time to return your core. Damaged, dirty or painted PCM core returns will be docked. If you have an issue with your PCM or install, the core return allowance of 14 days will be extended until the issue is resolved.

6. I have not changed my gears, do I need to select a specific gear ratio?

No. Choose stock gearing if you haven't change your gear ratio from stock.

7. What are "skip shifts"?

Example would be if you are going 50mph in 4th, the stock PCM would only allow downshifting to 3rd, with skip shift it can drop to 2nd. Same applies for 3rd to 1st shifts depending on mph.

8. What octane do I need to run?

If you have a naturally aspirated vehicle, 89 is recommended. Race gas of any type is not recommended. 87 octane will work but performance will suffer.

If your car is supercharged, or turbocharged premium gas is required. The higher the octane of premium, the better. Unleaded race gas works well for further improved performance.

9. How do I perform a security relearn?

1st one:

1. Disconnect battery
2. Install new computer
3. Reconnect battery
4. Put emergency brake on to disable daytime running lights (this step is required!)
5. Make sure all doors trunk and hood are closed leave driver window down and reach in through the window
6. Try to start. If it doesn't start, leave the key in the on position for 10 min on 97-03 cars and 15 min for 04 and newer cars. The security light should turn off after this amount of time.
7. Turn off ignition for 3 seconds
8. Try and start the car. It probably won't start. Repeat step 5 two more times.
9. If this doesn't work disconnect battery for 5 seconds and then try and start the car.

If that doesn’t work, try this one:

1. Disconnect battery for 10 sec.
2. Reconnect battery
3. Turn key to ON position
4. Do not try to start vehicle, just quickly click to RUN position to engage security light
5. Let vehicle sit with key ON for 35 min.
6. Attempt to crank vehicle. Once vehicle is running, the security light may still be on
7. If security light is still on, turn key to OFF position for 5 sec.
8. Turn key to ON position and security light should turn off
9. Start vehicle and enjoy new PCM

And if that doesnt work, some have had this one work:

Try to start the vehicle.
2. Turn ignition to OFF for 10 seconds.
3. Turn ON (NOT START) the ignition (using a black Master Pass-Key III key, not a gray Valet key).
4. Observe the SECURITY telltale on the dashboard. After approximately ten minutes it should turn off for the first time.
5. Turn OFF the ignition and wait for ten seconds.
6. Turn ON (NOT START) the ignition (using a black Master Pass-Key III key, not a gray Valet key).
7. Observe the SECURITY telltale on the dashboard. After approximately ten minutes it should turn off for the second time.
8. Turn OFF the ignition and wait for ten seconds.
9. Turn ON (NOT START) the ignition (using a black Master Pass-Key III key, not a gray Valet key).
10. Observe the SECURITY telltale on the dashboard. After approximately ten minutes it should turn off for the third time.
11. Turn OFF the ignition and wait for ten seconds.
12. Start the vehicle.

Note: If your car starts at any time and stays running, you are done. If your car starts and dies, try step 9. If it dies after 2 seconds after you have done these steps, you either have a bad FP resistor or the security setting in your PCM is wrong and it will need an update. Security relearn procedure will not work with the valet key!

Monte Carlo Notes:
On some 2000 and up Monte Carlos, the ABS light will illuminate after the install of our PCM. It will disappear with normal driving. During this time traction control will be disabled.

04+ Grand Prix Notes:
Note from customer: "The DIC readout was "Headlamps suggested" so my thoughts are it never went into security relearn with this method. Then I tried the original method of start, on position for 15 minutes, etc. However, I left the key in the ON position for 20 minutes and would then turn key to off for 30 seconds then try to start. The first attempt it didn't start, but did on the second attempt. Interesting note: the "security disabled due to theft" message never turned off when the key was in the on position. After the car started I didn’t have any security messages or SES lights."

3400 Notes:
We can make a 1.0 pcm for a 3400 Grand Am, Monte Carlo or Impala, however we would need you to select the "sending in core first" option under the core charge box and ship us your core to read/tweak/return to you.


A U.S. core charge will be added to the price of this item. The core charge is 100% refundable with the return of your original PCM within 14 days of receiving the ZZP PCM. The cost of the core charge is determined by the core required for each specific vehicle. Damaged, dirty or painted PCM core returns will be docked or not accepted, please contact customer service with pictures to verify damage before sending it in.

If you have an issue with your PCM or install, the core return allowance of 14 days will be extended until the issue is resolved.

PCMs are flashed on a per order basis and once shipped they are non-returnable. Warranty replacements are offered for 1 year on defective products.

If you select the option of us sending you a hpt/bin file, and then ask for it again at a later date, there will be a $25 service fee.

If you select "sending in core first" send core to:

Attn: Order # (Enter your specific order number here)
2450 28th st. SW
Wyoming, MI 49519

Sending in the core first will allow you to avoid getting a case learn.

If using your own laptop for remote tuning, download the latest stable HPTuners VCM Suite here.

If you are having knock (KR) related problems during your remote tuning sessions we recommend using Boostane. Boostane is a safe octane booster that actually works, unlike the generic "octane boosters" found at your local auto parts stores. We have noticed large spikes in fuel inconsistency since the beginning of the pandemic, so sometimes it's hard to point out if there's an issue with the car being knock limited or just the quality of fuel. While tuning if you add Boostane and notice the KR subside, then your problem lies in your fuel. If you add Boostane and it has no noticeable effect on KR, then it is likely that your car has a mechanical issue that is causing and/or being sensed as knock. 

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