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ZZP Stage 1 Kit for Camaro

ZZP Stage 1 Kit for Camaro

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This is a pre-prepared package of mods for your 2.0L Camaro.  It includes our PCM Tune, Cold Air Intake, and Downpipe. The tune will modify the factory PCM file for extra horsepower and performance, the cold air intake will decrease intake air temps and reduce inlet restriction, and allow you to hear the turbo whistle, the downpipe will free up exhaust flow for more horsepower.  This package should give you an additional 60 horsepower over stock and you will lose nothing, in fact the car will run and drive even better than before along with better MPGs.  Very easy install, it should take less than 2 hours to install the entire kit.  The tune that is included is not a "mail order tune" this is a full remote tune.  This means each customers car is specifically tuned for their mods, their fuel, etc. 


  • Cold Air Intake
  • Downpipe combo
  • Tune


The ZZP 2.0 turbo PCM brings the performance of your car to a whole new level. We go through and rework dozens of tables based on countless dyno tuning with our own vehicles. We currently have the worlds fastest ATS and Camaro enabling us to dial in our tuning better than any other company in this market.

  • Variable valve timing optimized for better response and more power
  • Fuel cutoff rpm limit increased
  • Power enrichment tables adjusted for a more consistent air fuel ratio
  • Spark timing optimized for premium fuel
  • Driver demand and torque tables adjusted for greater performance
  • Turbocharger settings adjusted for more boost
  • Fuel injection timing adjusted for higher airloads
  • Fuel pressure raised at high loads
  • Coolant thermostat settings adjusted for cooler engine temps
  • Fan settings lowered for cooler engine temps
  • PE engagement time is reduced
  • 40-60HP gain over stock file on Premium fuel

Core Options

  • Sending in Core First: With this option you are going to send us your PCM from your vehicle. This route retains remote start since you will be using your original PCM. If you have a 17+ auto car you will need to get your TCM unlocked through HPTuners and send that in with your PCM. We also offer fully unlocked TCM's for $349.99, which can be found HERE. With this option your intake and downpipe will be held until we receive your PCM, then everything will be sent back in one shipment. This is not a cookie cutter "canned tune" as many online would make it seem, this is a ground up tune built around your modifications.

  • Rent/Purchase Interface and/or Interface & Laptop: This option is known as remote tuning. With this option you will receive either the HPTuners MPVI2 interface or the interface and laptop, based on what option you chose. Our tuner will then be in contact with you throughout the whole tuning process. You will read your stock file, send it in, which the tuner will then put together a base tune. You will then go out and data log the car and send that back to the tuner; they'll make revisions and send back. You will go back and forth until you're both satisfied. Our video on the remote tuning process can be found HERE. When tuning is done, you can return the interface/laptop, and you are refunded the interface/laptop core charge (deposit).  Since you are keeping your stock PCM core, this will retain your remote start feature.  If you do not rent our laptop, you will need a Windows based laptop to read/write your ECU.  The advantage of using ours is that it comes pre-configured with the tuning and scanning software required so you can simply charge the laptop, power it up and get started immediately. We highly recommend keeping the HPTuners interface as it's a great tool for data logging, clearing check engine lights, and if you ever want to re-tune down the road you do not need to re-credit with the same MPVI. HPTuners interface comes with the appropriate amount of credits needed for your vehicle. 

  • I own HPTuners Email Me a File: This option is for customers who already own an HPTuners interface, and will follow our remote tuning process. You will still need to purchase credits to unlock your PCM and TCM if you have not done so. We sell credits HERE

Cold Air Intake: If you are looking for an entire replacement intake tube and air box, here is our 2.0 liter LTG cold air intake. It is made of aluminum to keep it nice and lightweight. The air box will make sure that the air filter is drawing cool air in instead of hot underhood air. Very easy install, it will take around 15 minutes or less, no tuning required.

ZZP Flex Fuel Conversion Kit: No, not installed. Yes, Enable ZZP Flex Kit. - Do not select this unless you are installing this kit at the exact same time as the PCM. If you add the kit later you can order our PCM Update to enable the flex kit in the file later. NOTE: Flex fuel is available for all model year LTG's as of February 2020. 

Downpipe: This o2 housing bolts directly to the turbo's outlet and then bolts to the factory downpipe. It is 3" in diameter, an o2 bung for your factory o2 sensor, and 100% stainless steel. The outlet flange is tapped just like the factory o2 housing for ease of install, you will not have to deal with trying to hold the bolt when tightening the nut in the tight engine bay.

Stage 2 kit here. It adds our Intercooler kit and catback exhaust to your Stage 1 kit bumping it to a Stage 2 car.

If you select "sending in core first" send core to:

Attn: Order # (your specific order number goes here)
2450 28th st. SW
Wyoming, MI 49519

Note: Prepaid return labels for interface/laptop rentals are only included with domestic shipments.

Special Notes:

Once PCMs are purchased, they are not refundable, HP Tuners credits are used, cores are married to specific vin#s, that means once you click the final payment buttons on your order, it cannot be refunded.

'17+ Automatic transmission cars must remove their TCM and ship it to HPTuners to be unlocked so it can be tuned by us.  This has an additional cost of $200. 

Transmission tuning note: When sending your PCM core to us for tuning, or if selecting a new PCM core, we cannot tune your transmission because we cannot physically see or access the TCM. If you want your transmission tuned you must choose the rent interface or rent interface/laptop (or own your own HPTuners device). 2017+ cars still need to send their TCM to HPTuners to be unlocked before we can tune it. 

If using your own laptop for remote tuning, download the latest stable HPTuners VCM Suite here.

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