Turbo Parts & Kits - LTG ZFR Turbo
Turbo Parts & Kits - LTG ZFR Turbo
Turbo Parts & Kits - LTG ZFR Turbo
Turbo Parts & Kits - LTG ZFR Turbo



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Based on the Borg Warner 6758 EFR turbocharger, the ZFR is a bolt in turbo that retains the factory exhaust manifold and downpipe. The ZFR is a water cooled, dual ceramic ball bearing, extended tip turbo with built in wastegate and bypass valve, and uses a custom stainless steel exhaust housing available exclusively from ZZPerformance. It also features an industry first exhaust wheel made from an aluminum titanium alloy which is significantly lighter than typical wheels.

Our bolt on ZFR for your LTG motor was designed for optimum performance as well as ease of installation. All factory oil and water lines may be retained, as well as your existing intake tube, charge tubes, and downpipe. Nothing else needs to be swapped in order to bolt in this turbo.


  • Borg Warner EFR turbo w/bypass & wastegate
  • Water and oil feed fittings
  • Outlet tube to connect to factory or ZZP charge tubing
  • Downpipe bolts and nuts
  • Vacuum connectors and lines

BorgWarner 6758 Specifications:

  • 67mm OD compressor wheel
  • 58mm OD exhaust wheel
  • 54mm inlet turbo
  • 160,000 rpm max
  • Titanium/Aluminum alloy wheel weighs 1/2 of a typical wheel

This is the turbo we have been selling for the Cobalt market since 2012. It has a 54mm compressor wheel and spools early and quick. This is an excellent choice for daily drivers and road course cars. Full bolt ons and e85, Matt Meekhof made 540whp in his Cobalt with this turbo.

BorgWarner 7163 Specifications:

  • 71mm OD compressor wheel
  • 63mm OD exhaust wheel
  • 57mm inlet turbo
  • 160,000 rpm max
  • Titanium/Aluminum alloy wheel weighs 1/2 of a typical wheel

This turbo has a 57mm compressor wheel and supports up to 50 more horsepower compared to the 6758. The 7163 also adds an amazing new feature. The center housing is actually made from aluminum for reduced weight and better cooling characteristics. This turbo is a great choice for drag racing, or more modified cars when looking for the highest power numbers while still retaining quick response and spool time.

Is it a full bolt in?
Yes. We include a new oil feed fitting, water fittings, and seals. We also include an outlet tube to match up to your existing factory charge tube or the available ZZP intercooler kit. Finally, it comes with a vacuum line system that requires no cutting or drilling of any factory parts.

How much power will I make?
Typical gains are 50-75whp on 93 octane, and 75-100whp on E85. LTG setups will make between 300 and 400 wheel horsepower, depending on additional mods and tuning. On E85, manual trans cars have no trouble surpassing 450 whp. This ZFR 6758 turbo is more than capable of supporting more than 500 horsepower at the wheels.

Do I need to tune after install?
Yes. You will need a tune specifically set up for the ZFR turbo as well as your other modifications.

Will it fit on my car with XXX brand parts?
This turbo bolts to any parts that work with the factory turbo.

Can I run 87 octane?
No. Premium fuel is required.

How long is the install?
The LTG ZFR can be installed in as little as 2-3 hours. Plan on 4-5 hours without previous experience.

What cars will it fit on?
This turbo is set up for the 2.0 liter Cadillac ATS, CTS, or Chevy Camaro. As of 1.2023 we now have our FWD fitment version available for purchase. Confirmed fit on Regal and Malibu, may fit on other transverse mounted LTG's. 

The ZFR turbos are significantly larger than the stock TD04 turbo that comes on the LTG engines. Due to the fragility of the LTG we DO NOT recommend running a ZFR on stock internals. By purchasing this turbo you understand that it can harm your stock engine. 

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