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ZZP Forged LTG Pistons

ZZP Pistons for LTG 2.0

These are engineered by ZZP as an improvement over the JEs.  We have seen reduction in KR between the JE and ZZP pistons. 

We have two bores, standard, and .007mm oversized.  The standard ones can be dropped in, but the oversized ones should have the block honed to perfect the piston to wall clearance. We do NOT recommend resleeving the block.

These pistons will work with the stock or ZZP rods. They will work in all 2.0 liter LTG engines, this includes Regal, CTS, ATS, Camaro, and more.

Other Features:

  • Tool steel nitrided rings with a napier second ring
  • Upgraded forging capable of living at 1000+hp. The technology of this forging comes from existing designs that make 1000+hp and survive!
  • Offset pin .030" so you can run a tighter piston to wall clearance for a quieter piston.
  • Made from 2618 forging.