Ecotec 2.0L Forged Long Block
Ecotec 2.0L Forged Long Block
Ecotec 2.0L Forged Long Block
Ecotec 2.0L Forged Long Block

Ecotec 2.0L Forged Long Block

Ecotec 2.0L Forged Long Block

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This is a fully forged long block based on the LDK/LHU Gen 3 Ecotec engine. We start with a brand new zero mile LDK from GM; we then add ZZP 4340 rods, Wiseco 86mm forged pistons, ZZP head studs, and ZZP upgraded timing guide with upgraded bolt. We install all parts, set ring gap, and time your engine before it goes out the door. We retain OEM crank and main bearings. What you will receive is a freshly assembled engine that will be able to take the extra power you may want to throw at it, and be more reliable than an LDK from the factory.

The Gen 3 Ecotec block is a large improvement over the Gen 2 Ecotec block found in the LNF Cobalt/HHR/Kappa. Improvements include cylinder wall bracing that prevents sleeves from breaking out in high HP applications; Sand casting which removes porosity found in the older foam cast Gen 1 and Gen 2 blocks; and 5 pounds of additional aluminum adding internal structural support and solves the coolant jacket leakage issues with Gen 2 blocks. The downfall of a stock LDK is the rods and pistons, which are much more fragile compared to the outgoing internals. Our forged long block presents an option that is the best of all worlds when it comes to a drop in ready engine for your Cobalt SS, HHR SS, Saturn Sky Redline, Pontiac Solstice GXP, or Buick Regal. 

Ordering Options:

This version of engine will bolt in a front wheel drive LNF Cobalt SS or HHR SS, we simply remove the factory Regal vacuum pump and install a block off plate in its place. If this is the route you are going, please select "Cobalt/HHR (LNF)" so we can set it up properly for your application before shipping.  Special note, this engine uses the LHU head and LHU style camshafts (if you were to swap them to our performance cam grind).

This engine can also be installed in a rear wheel drive Saturn Sky or Pontiac Solstice GXP. If you have one of those vehicles select "Sky/Solstice LNF". We will simply swap the head for a new LNF head/cam and it will clear your firewall. You will need to reuse your RWD specific balancer, oil pan, valve cover, and cylinder head coolant bleed fitting for the easiest install. 

Our third option is a direct replacement for the LDK/LHU engine in a 2011-2013 Buick Regal 2.0. If you have a Regal you will simply choose the "Regal" option. There are no modifications needed and the engine will come complete and ready to drop into your Regal. 

Engine does not come with an intake manifold, fuel rail/injectors, high pressure fuel pump, or an exhaust manifold. 

No core charge. 

Important break in procedure:
We recommend running Comp Cams "break in" oil for the first 200 miles, you will need 7 quarts. Before you start the car with the new engine, we recommend that you fill with oil, then leave the injector harness unplugged and turn engine over until the oil pressure light goes out, or even better, use an oil pressure gauge. This ensures that you are starting the engine with full oil pressure.

When the engine is running in gear and at light throttle, bring it up to 4500rpm, then coast down to near idle(still in gear), then 5000, then 5500, then 6000, and 6500 each time letting it coast down to idle. This will help seat the rings. Then after a couple heat cycles, start running it under power.

Note: Warranty for this product includes a 1 year manufacturer's defect warranty. If a part fails you must reach out to us, remove the part, then send it back to us for inspection once an RMA (return merchandise authorization) is sent.

ZZP DOES NOT cover exterior costs such as labor, shipping, lost wages, rental car time, etc. 

Power related failures are also not covered under the engine's warranty.

These engines are built to order, may take 1 to 2 weeks to ship after order. 

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