Fueling - LNF5m Fifth Injector Controller
Fueling - LNF5m Fifth Injector Controller
Fueling - LNF5m Fifth Injector Controller

ZZP LNF Fifth Injector Kit

ZZP LNF Fifth Injector Kit

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The ZZP LNF 5th injector kit now features MAF based tuning and smoother ramp in for even better performance! This kit adds auxiliary fueling to your DI LNF. 

The concept behind this kit is simple. When your mechanical fuel pump/injectors can no longer keep up with fuel system demands, you can divert some of the fuel from the DI fuel system and spray it directly into the intake manifold. Our 5th injector kit includes an adjustable controller that you mount inside the car. The controller allows you to set the MAF frequency that you would like the 5th injector to begin spraying. It starts at a low duty cycle in order to keep the air fuel ratio from changing abruptly. The controller also includes a high frequency setting which is the MAF frequency at which your 5th injector will reach 100% duty cycle. The fuel injector mounts to the intake manifold in an existing hole, so the manifold does not have to be removed from the engine. The install is simple, the most time spent on the install is routing the wires nicely into the cabin of the car and mounting the controller box. It could be functional within an hour, if you didn't spend the time to route the wires nicely and mount the controller box somewhere nice and permanent. Simply unbolt the factory EVAP solenoid, mount the ZZP 5th injector kit, re-install the EVAP solenoid on the supplied bracket, and connect 4 wires. It is that simple.

We recommend tuning your 5th injector kit along with ECM adjustments through HP Tuners. This allows you to decrease the MAF values in your ECM file to offset the amount of fuel being delivered from your 5th injector kit. We have designed the new MAF based 5th injector kit to be even easier to tune than the previous MAP based design.

LNF Fueling article: https://zzperformance.com/blogs/import1/lnf-fueling-article

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