Engine - Wiseco Forged LNF Pistons
Engine - Wiseco Forged LNF Pistons

Wiseco Forged LNF/LHU/LDK Pistons

Wiseco Forged LNF/LHU/LDK Pistons

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Wiseco leads the performance aftermarket by producing the highest quality forged pistons for domestic automobiles, sport compact and racing applications right here in the USA. Wiseco is unique because we forge all of our own pistons in house, and produce all of our own forge tooling right here in the USA. This allows us to control all aspects of our manufacturing process from raw bar to skirt coating finished parts.

In addition, in-house dyno testing gives Wiseco the ability to develop state-of-the-art technology such as new shapes, coatings, and components, and lead the industry through rigorous R&D. Linking all segments of Wiseco’s organization through design, testing, manufacturing, and distribution allows us to fulfill market needs with minimum lead-times.

Extreme racing conditions demand the strength and toughness that only forged pistons can offer. Compared to cast pistons, forgings are tougher and more durable, and will stand up to the abuse that high performance motorsport applications require. Most castings are brittle, have no grain structure and tend to fail catastrophically when the material yield strength is exceeded. Forgings have condensed grain that is aligned to the features of the part, which produces higher mechanical properties, and resistance to impact and fatigue. Each forging is designed to optimize the strength-to-weight ratio, and maximize performance.

Highly boosted, direct injection engines, such as GM’s LNF 2.0 require strict adherence to the original dome and bowl design to maintain proper combustion characteristics.
Wiseco’s new K635 series piston is the only forged piston utilizing special form tooling for the correctly shaped dome and bowl design. Coupled with Wiseco’s brush dome deburring, Nitrde steel XX rings, skirt coatings, and extra stout 5mm wall thickness pins (offset like the OE for noise reduction), this is the only forged piston with the technology needed to properly compliment D.I.

Features Benefits:

  • Dedicated forging, Light weight, superior strength
  • Generous valve beliefs, Allows more options for cams and valve choices
  • Pressure Seal Groove, Maximum ring seal
  • Dedicated rings, Maximum compression and oil control
  • Brush de-burring, Domes and valve beliefs have sharp edges removed to help prevent detonation
  • Experience, 67 years as the industry leader in Forged piston technology
  • Performance, Pistons have wear and friction reducing skirt coating.

All Wiseco Sport Compact kits come with 1mm x 1.2mm x 2.8mm XX ring sets. These rings have a stainless steel gas nitride top ring, cast iron Napier hook second ring, and flex-vent oil ring with gas nitride scraper rails. The piston pins and corresponding clips are also included. All pistons have ArmorGlide™ skirt coating for improved wear and friction reduction.

All Stock bore, we do NOT recommend boring this engine because it weakens the sleeves. With a proper tune we do not feel it is necessary to re-sleeve the block because it is an extremely expensive job for minimal gains.

Make sure to check oil squirter to piston clearance.

Sold as a set.

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