ATI GM Ecotec Super Damper

Pulleys & Belts - ATI GM Ecotec Super Damper
Pulleys & Belts - ATI GM Ecotec Super Damper

ATI GM Ecotec Super Damper

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ATI's support of front-wheel-drive drag racing continues to grow with our latest Damper for GM's popular 4 cylinder Ecotec engine. Ecotec Dampers feature all factory serpentine grooves machined into the outer shell, allowing them to be used in both race and street configurations.

Top Ecotec racers like Nelson Hoyos and Marty Ladwig rely on ATI Super Dampers for superior performance and reliability race after race. In May of 2005, Marty Ladwig's ATI equipped Chevy Cobalt became the first 4-cylinder FWD drag car to break 200 MPH in the 1/4 mile with a blistering 202.02 MPH run.

Supercharged Applications
The ATI Super Damper works with either a six or eight groove setup with no modification. While the stock setup only requires a six groove pulley system, the ATI Super Damper features a lightweight 2024 aluminum outer shell designed to accommodate 8 groove belts commonly found on aftermarket superchargers.







HUB # [1]




6.78" (5% OD)

6.75 lbs





917288 [2]

5.5" OD (12% UD)

4.50 lbs





[1] All hubs have 3/16 key @ std SB 10° location. 8 groove shell for supercharged upgrades, OEM 6 groove location.
[2] Damper is 12% UD from stock; not for over 600 HP on the street.
[3] Damper is 5% OD from stock

Under drive is recommended for turbo applications. It will help avoid over spinning your alternator and its better than stock dampening will allow for high rpm engine reliability.

Over drive is recommended for supercharged applications. It will increase blower speed the same as dropping 1 pulley size so it's recommended to run a larger pulley on the blower than we normally recommend. However due to the larger diameter of the pulley you will either want to grind a little extra clearance for the belt or you can run our Machined front cover . If using an over-drive damper on a TURBO setup you do not need a machined front cover because of the single side-ribbed belt. 

Note: Since the size of the balancer is changed you will need a longer belt for the overdrive pulley and a shorter belt for the underdrive pulley. An LNF with the under drive balancer will need a K050390 belt.

To install the damper:

    1. Use a stop on the flywheel to prevent the engine from turning.
    1. Push your stock damper all the way on to the crank to align the oil pump gear with the key on the damper.
    1. Pull off the stock damper.
    1. Line up the keyway and push the ATI damper on the crankshaft - it will only go on 1/4 inch or so.
    1. Since the ATI damper is press fit, you will need to use a damper installation tool to press the damper on the rest of the way, WITHOUT TURNING THE CRANKSHAFT. --- If the crankshaft turns the damper will not go into the oil pump gear, and you will have to start over again.
    1. We use sealer to stop oil from leaking through the keyway and out past the damper bolt.


Also referred to as: Harmonic Balancer, Damper, or Crank pulley.

Torque the damper bolt to 74ft-lbs plus 75 degrees with blue loctite on the bolt.

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Matthew H.

Great company with the best products

I had a catastrophic failure with my turbo 2.4 , bad enough to shear the flywheel bolts and 2 holes in the block , when I pulled the ATI OD balancer I found a crack in the hub , called ZZP and they had several in stock when no one else did ! Quick shipping and great customer sevice thank you ZZP.

Guest G.

ATI Damper

I initially bought the UD damper, when I got the item I realized that the model number on the box came back as the OD damper but per the pics above mine looks like the UD damper the one that didn't need the cover machined. I ended up using a 325 belt and modifying the stock tensioner as all other recommended belts would not work, either way good product and seems to work well. Install was a PITA you need to put a flywheel stop so the crank does not turn while installing due to the keyway. the ATI damper does not slide all the way on like the stock one it is a press fit. I used my old crank bolt to pull it on and then installed my new bolt once everything was set and aligned. Buy again? Sure

Kevin S.

ATI Crank Pulley

Very high quality product, comes assembled. *Modification is required to engine front cover for clearance, would recommend zzps machined front cover for anyone w/o fabrication experience or anyone unfamiliar with interior/exterior of the front cover.

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