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Ecotec Fuel Injector Insulators

These are new OEM injector insulators for your 2.0, 2.2, or 2.4 port injection car.

As these Ecotec cars get older, there are many parts that need replacing to keep your car running 100%.  These insulators fit in the head for the injectors to seat in and keep heat off the injector. They are made of plastic and have an o-ring that can degrade over time. Often times they degrade, or get dirty, to the point where they will cause a vacuum leak that can be hard to track down. 

If you're replacing your injectors we would recommend doing these at the same time. 

Fits: 2.0 LSJ, 2.2 L61, 2.2 LAP, 2.4 LE5, and 2.4 LE9. Does NOT fit LNF/LHU/LDK.