Camshafts & Valvetrain - 72# Valve Springs
ZZP 1.4 Sonic/Cruze 72# Valve Springs

ZZP 1.4 Sonic/Cruze 72# Valve Springs

ZZP 1.4 Sonic/Cruze 72# Valve Springs

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The Sonic and Cruze comes with very light valve springs from the factory.

Whenever you bump the rev limiter and/or boost the valve springs will start to float. This is bad for a few different reasons, it is hard on the valves/valve seats themselves, and it reduces power because the valves are not opening and closing properly like they should. When you install our ZZP valve springs, you will be able to rev the car out further and make power power at the top of the rev range. The stock valve springs are measured at 42# and these are 72#. We now sell our custom valve spring tool to make installation that much easier!

This item comes in two different configurations: 
-Valve Springs only
-Valve Springs & Titanium Retainers

About our Titanium Retainers:

In out quest for continually pushing the platform, we found ourselves at the point where even with our upgraded springs, we were fighting valve float at high boost and lift levels. After researching the issue, we found that the reused stock retainer is a significant portion of the valve/retainer/keeper assembly's mass. As ZZP does, we immediately began working on the solution.

These Titanium retainers are made to directly replace the stock retainers on our upgraded 1.4 valve springs, and reduce reciprocating mass by as much as 17%! This results in a significant improvement in valvetrain stability and a much larger window before valve float occurs, matching perfectly with our camshaft package.

August 2022 update: We now have the option to include our ZZP valve spring compressor tool with the purchase of your springs/retainers. Purchasing with the springs saves you $5 off the tool. 

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