Bosch Green Giant 42# Injectors - Set of 4 - Sonic/Cruze

Bosch Green Giant 42# Injectors - Set of 4 - Sonic/Cruze

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Stock 1.4T injectors are standard length 33# injector with an EV1 plug. This is the most common style of injector. As you add mods to your vehicle, eventually you will need to upgrade the injectors. The stock injectors max around 180WHP and are sufficient for all but the most heavily modified stock turbo setups. How far you can push a stock injector is based on the fuel blend in your state so it can be a good idea to upgrade if you plan on a lot of bolt ons. 

42# Bosch Green Giants will support up to a ZZP V3 on E85.

Be careful where you buy this injector as most of what is sold out there is actually genuine Bosch. The problem here is that only the Bosch injectors work in the sub 2ms pulse rate needed for proper idle and tuning on a small motor. If you have idle issues and run an injector that looks like this, that is often why.  

PCM programming is required whenever your injector size is changed.
These injectors are plug and play and do not require any adaptors or spacers. They are direct replacement.

While popular, we actually recommend our 60# injectors over these due to lower price and future mod potential, however ONLY if you are running full E85. (link) Due to the size of this injector it can cause rich issues at idle.


  • Coil Resistance: 12 Ohms High Impedance 
  • Spray Pattern: Dual Spray Wide Cone / Split Cone
  • Electrical Connector: EV1
  • Fitted with Viton upper and lower o-rings.
  • Static Flow Rate @ 43.5PSI (300kPa): 43 lb/hr

Sold in sets of 4.

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