Turbo Parts & Kits - ZZP Big Wheel Turbo V3
Turbo Parts & Kits - ZZP Big Wheel Turbo V3
Turbo Parts & Kits - ZZP Big Wheel Turbo V3
Turbo Parts & Kits - ZZP Big Wheel Turbo V3
Turbo Parts & Kits - ZZP Big Wheel Turbo V3

ZZP Big Wheel Turbo V3.1

ZZP Big Wheel Turbo V3.1

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This is our third version of our simple bolt on larger upgraded turbo for your 1.4L turbo Cruze/Sonic. After extensive R&D testing with the stock frame we discovered that the outlet going from the head/manifold to the exhaust side of the turbo was THE restriction. We have increased the inside diameter in that "penny choke" area resulting in a 50% larger AR, going from .40 to .60. What this means to you is actually faster spool over the V2, which is a-typical with an increase in AR, however the restriction is so bad on the stock frame that this increase means an easier and more efficient path to the turbine wheel. You will also see significant power increases without having to lean on the turbo as much, expect around 30-50whp than a stock turbo at the same boost level. Past the new cast exhaust housing the compressor wheel (inducer/exducer) is 18 percent, and the turbine wheel is 12 percent larger than stock (these remain unchanged from the V2), and finally the wastegate diaphragm is 2psi higher than stock. The dyno graph below represents two very similar builds, one on our old V2 and another on our V3; you'll see that even at the same boost level the V3 makes more peak power and torque, as well as a considerable amount of power under the curve. 

11.2023 Update: Based on customer feedback and testing we have made a rolling change to the bearing structure of the V3. The new center section feature the same wheels but with improved oiling capabilities a brand new internal bearing system, resulting in improved longevity and reliability. 

While the V3 is a great stock frame replacement, if you're looking to make power on your 1.4 we highly recommend our Z04 turbo kit, found here

The factory turbocharger is known for the exhaust housing cracking or the wastegate not being preloaded correctly causing slow spool. When you only have a 1.4 liter engine, you know how important spool is, our goal was to make an upgraded turbo that doesn't spool much, if any, slower than stock but still makes more power. 

Depending on your current setup (mods, available octane, ethanol content, overall power) larger injectors may be required. If you are running the stock injectors, make sure to scan the car to monitor injector pulse width, duty cycle, and air fuel ratio; you will not be able to go very far on stock injectors, 42's are suggested for 90% of setups. Tuning IS required for the V3

This is a new bolt on turbo, not core based, and it comes with everything needed for the install.

Does not work on Gen 2 (2016.5+) 1.4L Chevy Cruze. 

We do not recommend running our Billet Wastegate Actuator with this turbo.

Your stock drain line is likely frail or may crack during removal of the stock turbo, we sell an upgraded replacement here.

Many customers like to do the upgraded bypass valve spring mod at the same time. The V3 has a different tone and pitch bypass sound than the stock turbo, the upgraded spring changes that sound to something more similar to stock. Upgraded spring can be found here


  • Compressor inducer: 38.5mm 
  • Compressor exducer: 52mm 
  • Turbine inducer: 43.5mm
  • Turbine exducer: 37mm 

This turbo has a different sized bypass valve assembly than the stock turbo. Aftermarket bypass valves for the stock turbo WILL NOT fit the V3. 

Continuing on from the great success of our MSD buyback program, Zoom wanted to put another offer out there! Starting now if you own one of our V1 or V2 big wheel turbos for the 1.4, and then purchase our V3 turbo you are eligible for our turbo buy back program. We know those with V1 and V2 turbos are leaving power on the table, and we want to offer a more affordable way to get into a V3. The program works like this: purchase a new V3 big wheel turbo using the same account/email address that you did for your V1/V2. Once you've received your V3 and installed it, return you original V1 or V2 turbo. Ship it back to ZZP after you've received an RMA from customer service and you will receive 100% of your original V1/V2 purchase price in ZZP store credit. This is why you continue to stick with ZZP, no one supports their customers like this. Email customerservice@zzperformance.com if you'd like to start the upgrade/buy-back process. 

Update 11.2023 - V3.1 version released. 

Installation/product note: You will need to re-use your stock bypass valve from your stock turbo in the V3.1. If you have any questions regarding installation please email customerservice@zzperformance.com

This product is designed, machined, inspected and assembled in house at ZZPerformance in Wyoming, MI. Castings are made by ZZP China. 

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