ZZP Adjustable Sway Bar Links

ZZP Adjustable Sway Bar Links

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Our ZZP adjustable sway bar links will be the perfect final touch for your suspension build. Often times when you lower a vehicle you change the angle of the sway bar due to new suspension geometry; not only can this have a negative effect on handling, but you can also sometimes run into clearance issues with various suspension components. Our adjustable end links are precision machined and fully sealed, meaning no more hassling with re-greasing your end links. All of our end links can adjust out 60mm from their smallest size meaning you can dial in your sway bar angle based on your specific setup and ride height. 

These can also be a great upgrade over the flimsy thin metal or plastic sway bar links, even on stock suspension. Can also be used in many other custom applications and platforms outside of ZZP cars; just measure your stock end links and use the chart below to calculate what size you need. For reference the 140mm links have M10 studs, 210mm and 260mm use M12 studs. 7.26.22 update: We now offer the 140mm links in M10 or M12 studs. 

ZZP sway bar links are available in 4 sizes and are sold in pairs:

140mm center bar: Minimum length 190mm (~7-1/2"), maximum length 250mm (~9-3/4"), measured center to center on the studs. We now offer this option in M12 studs as well as M10. 

210mm center bar: Minimum length 265mm (~10-1/4"), maximum length 325mm (~12-3/4"), measured center to center on the studs. 

260mm center bar: Minimum length 310mm (~12-1/4"), maximum length 370mm (~14-1/2"), measured center to center on the studs. 

Common sway bar link lengths:

-Cobalt/HHR 2.0L Front: We recommend our 210mm, or 140mm if lowered significantly. M12 stud. 

-Cobalt/HHR 2.2/2.4L Front: We recommend our 210mm. If lowered significantly you will want the 140mm or 210mm. M12 stud. 

-Ion 2.0/2.2L Front: We recommend our 210mm if on stock suspension, or 140mm if lowered significantly. M12 stud. 

-W-Body Rear: We recommend our 140mm. M10 stud. 

-Sonic/Cruze Front: We recommend our 210mm. 

-2016+ Camaro Front: We recommend our 210mm. 

-2nd gen Cruze Front: We recommend our 260mm if stock height, 210mm if lowered significantly. 

-Cadillac ATS (including V) Front: We recommend our 210mm. AWD models will use our 140mm M12. 

-Polaris Slingshot Front: We recommend our 140mm. 

-'11-'15 Chevrolet Volt and '14-'16 Cadillac ELR: We recommend our 260mm for front. 

At this time we do not have links that fit the W-Body front sway bar (04+) or Kappa cars. 

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