3 Pod A Pillar Gauge Holder 97-02 GP Gen 4


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This is our newest 3 gauge A-pillar pod for all 97-02 Grand Prix's, the only difference between the Gen 3 and 4 is this one moves the gauges closer to the pillar. Notice the pics.


The material is like OEM plastic, similar OEM texture and NOT PAINTED! The graphite grey plastic material is just like your OEM pillar. 90% of the 97-02 GP's have the graphite gray pillar.


No more drilling! It uses the same clips as your OEM pillar. Just remove your old metal clips and snap them onto this pillar and you are done! Snaps in place like OEM. Nobody makes one like this! Every other company or brand needs to be drilled in. Not ours!

Other brands are painted, have cheap plastic material, need to be drilled or have black ABS material. We heard all these complaints and fixed it!


We only have it in graphite.

Clips in place, no need for screws.


Fits 52mm or 2 1/16" gauges.