3800 Modular Pulley System

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3800 Modular Pulley System

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The pulley system includes HUB, pulley of your choice, 5 stainless socket cap button screws, and one barbed retainer to replace the breather bolt.

After removing the stock pulley our steel hub presses on using the same pulley tool used to remove the factory pulley. No jaw style puller should be used to remove a supercharger pulley. If it is used, it will destroy the pulley and possibly damage the supercharger.

Once installed, the hub allows quick changing of pulleys with an Allen wrench. The ZZP MPS allows you to change between pulleys depending on conditions - use one pulley for street use and a smaller for the track or when running high octane fuel. A modular pulley system is a must for those planning to continue to modify their car in the future.

Our pulleys come with 8 ribs on them, but a 6 rib belt will still work completely fine.


  • Pontiac Grand Prix GTP or 06+ GT
  • Buick Regal GS
  • Pontiac Bonneville SSEi
  • 04+ Impala SS
  • 04+ Monte Carlo SS

Pulley recommendations:

  • 3.5 pulley for 01-03 GTP/GS with ZZP PCM, Tstat, colder plugs, bolt in downpipe, and a cold air intake.
  • 3.5" for 2004+ Grand Prix recommended for cars with 1.9 rockers, Tstat, colder plugs, some exhaust work, and a cold air intake.
  • 3.4" for 97-00 GTP/GS with ZZP PCM, Tstat, colder plugs, bolt in downpipe, and a cold air intake.
  • 3.3" pulley requires a small cam or headers or any SS intercooler
  • 3.2" pulley requires a XP cam or a SS intercooler with 1.9 rockers.
  • 3.0" pulley requires larger injectors and a full size intercooler
  • 2.8" pulley requires a cam, intercooler, and headers.
  • anything smaller than 2.8" pulley and you should email us your specific mod list and octane.

How to begin mods to your 3800 car, click HERE.

Bolt torque spec is 72 inch pounds.

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