Pulleys & Belts - 8 Rib SFI Balancer
Pulleys & Belts - 8 Rib SFI Balancer
Pulleys & Belts - 8 Rib SFI Balancer
Pulleys & Belts - 8 Rib SFI Balancer

8 Rib SFI Balancer

8 Rib SFI Balancer

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SFI dampers are designed to reduce crankshaft torsional vibration at high engine speeds. It is only safe to spin an L67/L32 to ~6300 rpm on a stock balancer. Going over that can cause bearing failure, flex plate failure and power loss due to harmonics.

Our balancer meets SFI spec 18-1, which is required by the IHRA and NHRA for any car running 10.99 or faster. They are weighted to perfectly match the factory 'service balance'. These SFI Dampeners can be installed on any L36, L67 or L32 engine with stock internals, or even engines with the balance shafts removed that have already been 50% balanced.

The factory harmonic balancer is only 6 rib, this one is 8 rib. That allows you to run an 8 rib, for more supercharger pulley grip. You can still run a 6 rib belt if you want to. The proper way to convert to 8 rib is to also run the matching 8 rib idler/tensioner pulleys.

This balancer weighs 11 pounds 3.5 ounces. This is about 3 pounds over most stock crank pulleys and is part of what reduces vibrations.

  • Professional installation recommended by someone comfortable with working on the 3800. A special crank pulley tool is required for removing the old balancer.
  • It is highly recommended that you use anti-seize lubricant on the crankshaft surface before hub installation. This makes the installation a lot easier and simplifies the installation or removal at a later date for this Dampener!

Also referred to as: Harmonic Balancer, Damper, or Crank pulley.

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