Cobalt/Ion Fuel Pump Rewire


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Wire Harnesses & Adapters - Cobalt/Ion Fuel Pump Rewire
Wire Harnesses & Adapters - Cobalt/Ion Fuel Pump Rewire
Wire Harnesses & Adapters - Cobalt/Ion Fuel Pump Rewire

The ZZP fuel pump rewire kit was designed to replace the anemic stock 18 gauge wiring. Most cars are losing between 1.5 and 2 volts to the stock pump because of line losses in the wiring. Since our fuel pumps are positive displacement rollervane pumps, this matters A LOT! Flow is directly proportional to fuel pump speed which is directly proportional to applied fuel pump voltage. Upgrading your fuel pump wiring will give you quite a bit more headroom with your stock pump. Our rewire kit powers the FP directly from the battery.

This kit upgrades your power and ground, look for 1-1.5 volt increase at the pump. It will not affect pump life and does not increase alternator load. Once installed it's totally hidden.

Real world testing shows pump volume increases of 10%. Stock fuel pumps (2006+) normally quit before hitting 400WHP with 60# injectors. This rewire gives you more headroom, especially in cars with larger injectors or raised fuel pressue.

Easy 15 minute install. Download install instructions here

Only ZZP brings you real world technical data to help you modify your vehicle to the fullest! Check out the fuel pump flow charge below to see how voltage can affect fuel pump flow.

The PCM commands duty cycle, it will never change unless you reprogram it.

The rewire increases fuel output from the pump but all of this is returned via FPR. That is unless FP is dropping due to low FP volume. That is where the rewire does it works. Keeping fuel pressure where it is supposed to be where normally it would fall w/o it.

Fits all LSJ and LNF applications.
Wire Harnesses & Adapters - Cobalt/Ion Fuel Pump Rewire
Wire Harnesses & Adapters - Cobalt/Ion Fuel Pump Rewire
Wire Harnesses & Adapters - Cobalt/Ion Fuel Pump Rewire
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Irina S.
United States United States

Just what I needed.

shaun M.
Canada Canada
Zzp = quality and performance.

Great product, works as advertised, only tip is, if you run an aftermarket stereo system be wise enough to run the ground wire to frame or chassis not to the battery as the instructions would tell you, you'll get a ground loop from the fuel pump ( terribly annoying until you fix this )

Guest G.
Fuel pump rewire

Nice setup, seems to work well no issues. buy again? yes

Joshua F.
Cobalt fuel pump rewire

Cobalt rewire fuel pump

Jeff P.
Has helped my 42 lb/hr injectors survive!

I installed this fuel pump rewire with the hopes that the increased voltage to my pump would help my 42lb/hr injectors flow a pinch more up top. Well, after a super easy install, and some testing, all is well. My injectors maintain the proper air/fuel ratio throughout the entire rpm band. Even with my rather high rpm limiter of 7750 rpm and increased flow modifications, my car never spikes lean. Thanks for another great product ZZP!!