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Cruze Dual Gauge Pillar Pod

Gauge & Gauge Pods - Cruze Dual Gauge Pillar Pod
Gauge & Gauge Pods - Cruze Dual Gauge Pillar Pod
Gauge & Gauge Pods - Cruze Dual Gauge Pillar Pod
Gauge & Gauge Pods - Cruze Dual Gauge Pillar Pod
Gauge & Gauge Pods - Cruze Dual Gauge Pillar Pod

We listened to what customers wanted and designed this gauge pillar pod to be the very best! Material is the same as stock. The color matches your stock pillar and has the same texture. Not spray painted like other designs and also not a generic black ABS like other gauge pod manufacturers have. However the first run wasn't quite up to par, so we do have a version 1 that isn't quite perfect, the version 2 is just like stock.

This is not a typical cheap gauge pod that mounts to your stock pillar. This completely replaces your stock A pillar. You simply just unclip your factory A pillar, take the metal clips off of the stock pillar and put them on the new gauge pod. Then just clip it right in. No drilling at all! It even has a spot to mount your factory tweeter if equipped on your model Cruze. It is recommended when installing that you disconnect your battery as an airbag is located back there.

I doubt any other company will make a gauge pod for this car because it was a very difficult design and took over 8 months of engineering to make it. And if someone else ever does make one it will not be as nice as this one.

This is not some cheap universal gauge pod that you see on eBay for cheap. It's high quality. The material is similar, but stronger than the OEM GM stock A Pillar.

Fits 1st Generation Cruze only.

Fits up to two 52mm or 2 1/16" gauges.

Gauge & Gauge Pods - Cruze Dual Gauge Pillar Pod
Gauge & Gauge Pods - Cruze Dual Gauge Pillar Pod
Gauge & Gauge Pods - Cruze Dual Gauge Pillar Pod
Gauge & Gauge Pods - Cruze Dual Gauge Pillar Pod
Gauge & Gauge Pods - Cruze Dual Gauge Pillar Pod
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Wanda E.
United States United States

DOESNT fit correct and would love if u guys offered blanks with your product but that's neither here nor there I'm already looking for a different a pillar bc yours just isn't for me

Canada Canada
2013 chevy cruze lt

The pillar is great on the outside but inside looked like there was lots of scratch marks and mold marks left over. I did have to do some cutting to make the top clip fit through. HOWEVER they made the clip style different on each year of the cruze I hope this makes it to the top. you may have to do some of your own cutting but its really not hard and no one will see it anyways just be carful. The build quality seemed the exact same as OEM and fit in perfectly (minus the one top clip I had to drill out). I also almost forgot for the 2013 cruze the airbag is placed in such a way that does not clear one of the middle clips. This was an easy fix as I just cut half of it out and it held in no problem without that one clip. Overall I excepted to do some of my own work to make it fit because this was made for all gen 1 cruzes and like I said before the clip style is different for all so be prepared to do a little bit of cutting. After I fit it in it looks amazing I am very pleased with it, I am giving 5 stars because no one is going to see the inside where all the mold marks are and the outside looks flawless. Would definitely recommend Btw it does not come with any clips however you can take the factory clips over with some finagling and patience. Overall took me about an hour if I were to do it again, it would take me no more than 15 min.

A ZZPerformance Customer
OK at best.

For the price I was expecting something of a better quality. There is several issues with this pillar pod; first, the tweeter grill looks like **** compared to the factory style, second, there was several scuff marks or stress marks all over the pillar. For the price this item cost it should have included all new clips, especially the Windshield Pillar Trim Retainer, there is no way to remove the factory clips without damaging them. Factory pillar cover had a large chunk of foam glued to it, this was not on this item, you will need to glue your old foam back onto this one. They claim this is better made than OEM, but it actually feels and looks cheap. Two stars just for the fact that they seem to be the only company that offers a dual pod pillar for the Cruze. Would have returned if the factory pillar had not broke during removal, had a clip that pulled the tab off of the back.

Chris V.
United States United States
It's alright, but

It's a decent pod but the quality is disappointing for the price. I had to actually file out the holes for the gauge pods because they weren't drilled and cleaned right. There's some "warping" in the material at the top but luckily it's hidden when the pod was installed. Unsure if I accidentally got a B stock or what but it's got some flaws for the cost.

Jesus C.
United States United States
Not worth it

Gauge pods did not fit and also clips didn’t go in