Transmission & Drivetrain - Dexron VI Transmission Fluid
Dexron VI Transmission Fluid

Dexron VI Transmission Fluid

Dexron VI Transmission Fluid

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Here's what GM has to say about the new DEXRON VI: Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is considered the life-blood of the automatic transmission. It is used to transfer power in the torque converter and provide the pressure to apply the transmissions various clutches and bands. It also is used to clean, lubricate and cool the components of the transmission. GM™s new transmission fluid, DEXRON-VI, was developed to have a more consistent viscosity profile; a more consistent shift performance in extreme conditions; and less degradation over time. Beginning with the design and development of GM™s new Hydra-Matic 6-speed rear-wheel-drive transmissions, GM Powertrain engineers determined the need for a new transmission fluid to withstand the complexity of the clutch-to-clutch transmission operation.

Additionally, GM engineers identified opportunities to improve viscosity, durability, and impact on fuel economy with a new fluid."The development of DEXRON-VI is the first time an automotive company has worked so closely with petroleum and additive companies to develop a new fluid," says Roy Fewkes, driveline fluids group leader, GM Powertrain. "The result is a new fluid that significantly outperforms existing fluids in every aspect. In fact, we have had to significantly extend the length of our durability tests to fully test the fluids capability." Internal GM tests have demonstrated DEXRON-VI to deliver more than twice the durability and stability in friction tests compared to existing fluids. It also has demonstrated superior performance in pitting, foaming, oxidation and shear stability tests.

Here's what it means for you: The new Dexron 6 transmission fluid allows us to deliver a transmission that lasts longer, performs better, and at the same time gets better gas mileage. The viscosity of Dexron 6 drops from 36 to 30 on cold starts and a little when warmed up as well. All while delivering better shifting and better protection during hot operation. Bottom line is longer clutch life, quicker shifts, increased resistance to thermal breakdown, improved fuel economy and more HP put to the ground. 

On the 3800: 3 gallons required for a dry transmission, 2 required when dropping the trans pan for a shift kit.

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