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Ecotec Ported Head

A ported head increases airflow by reducing restriction therefore more high rpm horsepower. Increasing head flow creates more horsepower at the same boost level and works very well with aftermarket cams.

LSJ: All flowed at 28", 3.5" bore plate, exh had a 1 5/8" flow tube, and stock valves (int. 35mm, exh. 30mm). Do NOT be fooled by other venders flowing heads without a flow tube, in the real world people run headers, not open heads without headers or manifolds attached.
(These numbers are an LSJ head, LE5 heads will flow very similar)

Lift Stock Intake Flow Ported Intake Flow Intake % Gain Stock Exhaust Flow Ported Exhaust Flow Exhaust% Gain
0.100" 76 77.5 1.9 72.5 72.5 0
0.200" 152 152 0 138.5 146 5.4
0.300" 216.5 219.5 1.4 156 172 10.2
0.350" 232 244.5 5.4 158.5 178 12.3
0.400" 242 260.5 7.6 161 182 13
0.450" 247 269.5 9.1 163.5 185.5 13.5
  • Gasket match
  • Polish and blend runners
  • Blend Bowls
  • Reground valves
  • Reground valve seats
  • 82# Valve Springs & Titanium Retainers (included)
  • Fully assembled minus cams

Core charge drop down:
For the heads that this applies to this amount is refundable when you return your stock head. LNF/LDK/LHU options include a brand new head core, so there is no core charge. We will not need your stock LNF/LHU/LDK head. If your core head needs repairs, the core refund will be docked to cover the repair.

Each head comes fully assembled minus cams, rockers, and lash adjusters.

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Christian G.
Ported LSJ cylinder head

I had purchased the ported cylinder head with dual valve springs and over-sized valves almost 6 years ago. It has and still is a great product. I have been running it for 5 years on 20lb boost, and it has been great. The customer service is also top notch. I have emailed about questions that did pertain to my purchased products; and they gave answers. If you are looking for ecotec knowledge and great parts for them deal with ZZP.

Guest G.
Ported head

Great product and upgrade! I bought the Inconel valves and supertech 75# springs before I bought the head thinking I could just buy a bare ported head just to find out that you cannot buy a bare ported head. It worked out because I **** you not a day after they offered the supertech 75# upgrade option for only fifty dollars extra so I returned the valves and springs so I went from paying what the full price of the supertech springs was to just doing the fifty dollar upgrade option in the dropdown option and saved a couple hundred bucks! Buy again? Yes

Tony L.
2007 LSJ - Stage 1 Port Job

Marked installation as moderate because the job itself isn't hard nor easy i'm fortunate that i'm a auto technician at a chevy dealer and have access to a lift rather than doing this in my garage (been there done that) but more so because of the time required to perform this upgrade. Another solid product from ZZP. Must have to let that car breathe. I also have the ZZP Stage 2 cams and now with the added ported cylinder head you can definitely feel the power increase.