F40 6 Speed Conversion Kit


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F40 6 Speed Conversion Kit
F40 6 Speed Conversion Kit
F40 6 Speed Conversion Kit
F40 6 Speed Conversion Kit
F40 6 Speed Conversion Kit
F40 6 Speed Conversion Kit
*If you choose to Add a New Regal Trans, this product will have to ship freight. International shipping of this product will require you to setup a broker!*
6 speed conversion for your Cobalt/HHR! It is based on GM's F40 transmission, this conversion solves all of the F35 shortcomings with higher power capability & smoother shifting! The F40 transmission has 2 internal shafts instead of one, the gears are twice the size of the F35, and it has an additional over drive gear.

This kit will require all of the parts from the list, you will not be able to reuse any of your F35 parts, i.e. flywheel, clutch disc or aftermarket shifter. The included dual mass clutch assembly will support up to around 450hp. However we do have a F40 Race Clutch option that will replace the flywheel/disc/pressure plate that is an option for this kit. Do not be fooled by competitors kits, their kit requires you to purchase a clutch separately.

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  • Upgraded steel shift cables
  • 6 speed shifter assembly w/adapter bracket and shift knob/boot.
  • ZZP Billet aluminum transmission brackets (Top and Rear)
  • ZZP Intermediate "jack" shaft w/custom speed sensor tone ring (Saab trans only)
  • ZZP Billet speed sensor bracket (Saab trans only)
  • ZZP Speed sensor extension harness (Saab trans only)
  • Cast transmission bracket
  • Solid shift cable bracket (Replaces Saab dampened bracket)
  • Dual mass clutch and flywheel (which is not included in our competitors kit)
  • Flywheel bolts
  • Bolt pack for mounts
  • Optional: Driveshaft Shop stage 2 CV axle shaft(s)
  • Optional: new F40 "Regal" transmission
    How to order your F40 conversion kit:

    What engine do you have? This option determines what axle is included in the kit. (LNF has a larger outer spline than the LSJ)

    Transmission: This determines if you have a transmission already, which one you have if you do, so we can include the correct trans mounts with the kit.  If you need a transmission, then this option allows you to add a new "Regal" transmission.

    Axle(s): You will need at least one shorter (driver side) axle to use the F40 transmission.  If you already have one, then this option removes any additional axles from the kit, or if you want just the required one, this allows you to add it, or if you want a matching pair of the upgraded Driveshaft Shop axles, you can add both sides.


    Requires Saab 9-3 ('07+ preferred for best performance gearing) or 2011-13 Regal 6 speed F40 transmission and PCM reprogramming to adjust for the new speed sensor.  It does fit pre-2007 Saab F40 but the gearing is not optimal.  The Regal transmission has poor gearing for drag or road course cars (wide gears, tall final drive), but can be useful for half mile racing.  Please don't ask if it will work with XX transmission.  It's designed for a Saab or 11-13 Regal trans as stated above and nothing else.

    These kits are built per order and can take up to a week to be packaged and shipped.

    F40 6 Speed Conversion Kit
    F40 6 Speed Conversion Kit
    F40 6 Speed Conversion Kit
    F40 6 Speed Conversion Kit
    F40 6 Speed Conversion Kit
    F40 6 Speed Conversion Kit
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    Brandon J.
    F40 swap

    Everything is really smooth the kit is well put together and definitely worth the price only thing that isn’t included is a few bolts for the top transmission mount but those are easily found at a local hardware store. Kit bolted up pretty easy with very little modifications and if you are like me and have the ldk swap it makes installing the kit a little bit easier. Honestly I wish the lnf cobalts came with this transmission because of how much smoother and easier it is my car has every bolt on but 3 bar map sensors and it drives like a stock car. My car is pretty low and I used a trans mount spacer and I installed steering rack spacers and I can’t hear any creeks or binds that some people say they have experienced. I also have the upgraded mounts from zzp which make the transmission feel great ( I am used to poly mounts I don’t care about the added vibrations). If you are debating building an f35 trans or buying this kit without a doubt I would invest in this kit if you like your car and plan on keeping it long term. I haven’t installed it yet but I feel with the short shift mod the shifter will feel perfect it’s very smooth and has a pretty decent weight to it. Only recommendation is have time and patience when installing this kit and stay organized and it will go pretty smooth for the install.

    Awesome set up.

    Got my F40 conversion kit in and all put together. All the pieces lined up great. If you are debating on going with the F40 or not I’d say do it!

    Awesome set up.

    Got my F40 conversion kit in and all put together. All the pieces lined up great.


    YOOOOOO, if y’all are looking to buy this and need a freight broker let me know. I’ll take care of everything for you!

    Martin B.
    F40 conversion project

    The time and thought that ZZP put into making this kit work in these cars is incredible. The staff at ZZP were there every step of the way during my install. When I had questions they got right back to me quickly. If I could I would like to shake the hand of everyone there at ZZP as I can not thank them enough. They run a top notch company. I have dealt with them with other mods to my car and the experience I've had is beyond 5 Stars. I had an F35 with the 4.45 gears and I did enjoy it. Tonight was the first time I took the F40 for a ride and the difference is night and day. The F40 is so smooth I feel like I'm driving a new car. I am using the stock clutch because I didn't want to hear the chatter associated with the single mass racing flywheel and clutch. According to ZZP staff they claim it can hold approximately 400whp and since I am only at 354whp I am giving it a try. I also installed a Quaife LSD which I did myself and was very easy to do. Final drive is now with the F40 is 3.545. This conversion with everything I did was a bit pricey but it was worth every penny. If your on the fence about doing this, I say do it because you are going to love your car even more! Next to installing the ZFR 6758 this is the best mod yet!