3800 Fuel Pump Rewire Kit

Wire Harnesses & Adapters - Fuel Pump Rewire Kit
Wire Harnesses & Adapters - Fuel Pump Rewire Kit

3800 Fuel Pump Rewire Kit

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The ZZP fuel pump rewire kit was designed to replace the anemic stock 18 gauge wiring. Most GTPs are losing between 1.5 and 2 volts to the stock pump because of line losses in the wiring. Since our fuel pumps are positive displacement rollervane pumps, this matters A LOT! Flow is directly proportional to fuel pump speed which is directly proportional to applied fuel pump voltage. Upgrading your fuel pump wiring will give you quite a bit more headroom with your stock pump. Our rewire kit runs a new wire all the way from the fuel pump to the factory relay.


This kit upgrades your power and ground, look for 1-1.5 volt increase at the pump. Uses factory connector so there is no need to cut wires at the pump. It will not affect pump life and does not increase alternator load. Once installed it's totally hidden. No worries about taking your car to the dealer for warranty work.


Real world testing shows increases of 2-3 psi max fuel pressure. Stock injectors usually fall off in the 310-320WHP range, 42#'s around 340-360. This kit increases those numbers by about 10%. This of course depends on the year of your car and many other factors but that gives you an idea of what to expect.

Further gains of about .4 volts can be had with our alternator rewire kit. We also have our alternator voltage booster for another .6 or 1.2 volts.

On the 2005 model GP, there is no fuel pump access panel. This kit will not install w/o dropping the tank. We recommend an alternative rewire method. This is not plug and play

CLICK HERE for Digital Install Instructions

This item and all electrical items are non-returnable.

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Thomas H.
United States


U guys have researched everything obv...everything y'all sells is spot on.. Thanks for.doing what u guys do!

Kirk M.
United States United States

Fuel pump improvement rewiring

The instructions are taken from a Pontiac GTP and I was reluctant to make that snip of the wiring on my Impala. They may be from the same genetics but very different. So after reviewing the repair process I encourage you to GO FOR IT!

United States United States

cool product for a stock pump

pretty sure this thing fried the last 3 fuel pumps I had. In all fairness this product does seem to be working with the stock original pump. unfortunately they dont mention that although our pumps are roller vane PD, most new pumps including stock ones have gone to a turbine design which uses less voltage to flow higher rpms... i wasnt blowing pumps before I installed this. if youre on a stock original roller vane pump then great product. if your on a turbine design you might wanna check if its safe to run the extra voltage first.

carl b.
United States United States

Fuel pump rewire

Very easy to install

Martin O.
United States United States

Quality Product

Thank you just what I needed for switching over to E85.

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