Intercooling - Intercooler Fill Kit
Intercooling - Intercooler Fill Kit

Intercooler Fill Kit

Intercooler Fill Kit

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This kit includes a reservoir, pressurized cap, and relief valve that lets air out but not in. Its design is such that it makes bleeding the system quite easy. In fact, bleeding now becomes as easy as topping off the system, closing the cap, running the pump, and repeating if necessary. Best of all, there's no awkward looking T's or hoses laying around under the hood. The kit mounts on the firewall or on the front of the blower and looks stock.

For years we've taken different approaches to filling the intercooler kits as well as keeping air out and minimizing aeration.

3/4" OD in and out.

Several problems are posed with most intercooler kits:

  • Closed systems are unable to compensate for additional pressure present when hot
  • Very time consuming to bleed of air from the system

These two problems seem somewhat minimal, though they present a nuisance and could result in a serious lack of performance or worse: trapped air in the pump. Air does not conduct heat nearly as efficiently as liquid so it's critical to get all of it out of the system in order for it to operate efficiently. The solution is to use a small reservoir to aid in bleeding the system of air as well as regulating pressure in the system.

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