ZZP Regal Rear Trans Mount

ZZP Regal Rear Trans Mount

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The Regal is considered more of a luxury vehicle.  Therefore it was built it to be as comfortable as possible which does not perform as well.  The factory engine at stock power level is fine when everything is new and tight, but as the car gets more and miles put on it, and the power level is increased the engine starts to flop around in the engine bay causing things like wheel hop and increased parasitic losses reducing power and traction to the tires. 

These mounts use a a solid rubber bushing  that keeps them from creating excessive vibration like polyurethane mounts do from being too stiff.  These mounts are used in the hardest launching cars in our market.

You can install a front and rear, or one or the other, but the best performance is achieved by installing both.


Fits all manual trans Regals, 2011-2018+ LTG and LHU.

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