LNF/LHU Intake Camshaft With Upgraded Fuel Pump Lobe

Camshafts & Valvetrain - LNF/LHU Intake Camshaft With Upgraded Fuel Pump Lobe
Camshafts & Valvetrain - LNF/LHU Intake Camshaft With Upgraded Fuel Pump Lobe
Camshafts & Valvetrain - LNF/LHU Intake Camshaft With Upgraded Fuel Pump Lobe

LNF/LHU Intake Camshaft With Upgraded Fuel Pump Lobe

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Installing this cam with a larger fuel pump lobe does several things:
1. Increases available fuel by 20%. This gives you potential to make 20% more power than you could with the stock cam before running out of fuel, or getting the P0087 code 
"Fuel Rail/System Pressure - Too Low".
2. It allows you to adjust the tune for higher fuel pressure. When you do this, you can shorten the pulse window and optimize the tune. Doing this alone can yield up to 8HP with no other changes to the car.

The LNF and LHU intake cams are the same. This is based on a brand new stock LNF/LHU intake cam with a larger fuel pump lobe. 

Installs as a stand alone product. No need for tuning or changing valve springs.
You can gain HP by tuning, and changing valve springs has its benefit, but they are not required when using this product.

What is direct injection?
The 2.0 liter LNF engine features direct injection technology. While typical port fuel injection sprays fuel into the runners of the intake manifold, direct injection means that the fuel is actually sprayed directly into the combustion chamber. Advantages to this design include increased power and increased fuel economy, as well as other tuning capability improvements. The down-side to this type of injection is mainly the cost and availability of upgraded components. While port fuel injection systems can be upgraded to support higher horsepower levels by simply swapping out the injectors and/or installing a larger fuel pump in the tank, direct injection users are not as fortunate. Due to the placement of the fuel injectors, fuel pressure must be increased substantially in order to overcome the high pressures present in the combustion chamber. While port fuel injection pressure is typically in the 60psi range, direct injection requires fuel pressures in excess of 2000 psi. To achieve this pressure, the LNF uses a mechanical fuel pump driven by the intake camshaft. While the factory pump can easily support over 450 ft lbs of torque and more than 500whp at 6000 rpms while running gasoline, switching to E85 increases fuel demands enough to decrease max torque potential to less than 400 ft lbs and horsepower at 6000 rpm to less than 400. Current upgrade offerings to this pump are limited and cost well over $1000. 

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Frank R.
Germany Germany

Plug and play camshaft

From US to Germany in only 3 days. That’s really fast, thanks to ZZP

ZZPerformance LNF/LHU Intake Camshaft With Upgraded Fuel Pump Lobe Review
Jose V.


This fuelling cam for the D/I Ecotecs is outstanding in craftsmanship and quality, never have I had problems with ZZP, and may I add a simple install for more fuel and be rid of insufficient fuel delivery.

Michael K.


Hi from Greece i just received the parcel!!Here in Greece in customs are ******!!

Drew R.

Full E!!!!!

I installed this cam to run E85 on my LHU Regal. Shipping was pretty quick. The cam came wrapped inside of wrapping inside of wrapping. This put my mind to ease, because I was afraid that the lobes would be damaged while in transit. I would definitely recommend this product if you're toying with the idea of going full corn. As to be expected, the cam was used., but all lobes were in excellent shape, the cam itself was in excellent shape, and the honed fuel lobe looked to be precise.

Eric S.

Excellent as expected with zzp

Cam worked great on full e85. Would recommend!

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