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LSJ Turbo Entry Level Swap Kit

Turbo Parts & Kits - LSJ Turbo Entry Level Swap Kit
Turbo Parts & Kits - LSJ Turbo Entry Level Swap Kit

This kit is the easiest way to convert your supercharged LSJ to turbocharged.  This will replace the supercharger with an adapter plate, and your exhaust manifold/header and downpipe with a turbo manifold/turbo/downpipe.  The kit comes with everything needed to turbocharge your LSJ. The benefits of this conversion is a ton of power and torque under the curve, as well as the potential for more power in the future.  The LSJ doesn't make very much torque stock, but with this turbo kit it can make over 70 more ft lbs in the midrange, and approximately 30hp to the wheels on most full bolt on LSJs with just the Stage 1 kit. 

Turbo: There are two turbo options, the Stage 1 kit uses a K04 turbo (from an LNF/LHU), and the Stage 2 kit uses a ZZP Z54 turbo which is a bolt in larger K04 upgrade. Stage 3 kit uses a ZZP Z57 turbo which is an upgrade again from the Z54. Z57 kits are remote tune only. 

Downpipe Options: We offer a stock/2.5" bolt in, or for people that have 3" catbacks, we have a 3" bolt in exit. All downpipes are 3" in diameter, the size you're choosing at checkout is the exit flange size. 

ECM Flash: The kit comes with a ECM flash, however we have a few options for how that can be completed.  We can ship you an ECM pre-programmed, however we will charge you a refundable core charge, or you can ship us your ECM for us to upload the flash, or finally if you have HPTuners we can email you a file for you to upload yourself. If only using the 1.0 ECM flash we recommend staying at 15psi or below, due to fuel system demands. If looking to run more than 15 psi a dyno tune or remote tuning (with HP Tuners) is highly recommended. Core file options are for 93 octane fuel only. Because of the fuel system demands, E85 can only be done via email file or in person.

NOTE: Although not pictured, kit comes with all necessary/applicable bolts, gaskets, belts, and hoses

NOTE: Ion specific, you must purchase a Cobalt MAF sensor, found here.

Highly recommended upgrades that go along with this kit:

These kits are made per order, it can take up to 3-4 weeks to ship.

If using your own laptop for remote tuning, download the latest stable HPTuners VCM Suite here.

CLICK HERE for Digital Install Instructions

Turbo Parts & Kits - LSJ Turbo Entry Level Swap Kit
Turbo Parts & Kits - LSJ Turbo Entry Level Swap Kit
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Edgar R.
United States United States
Good overal kit

The kit was 100% complete. Not a single washer missing. Super good quality. You can feel way more torque than with the supercharger all the way from 3,000 rpm. My gas mileage also got better I’m at 32 mpg average and I step on it. Only thing is the throttle body harness extension as wired wrong which was kinda awkward.

Layne G.
United States United States

There were parts of the installation instructions that were misleading but with the community and basic knowledge of cars got it figured out

ZZPerformance LSJ Turbo Entry Level Swap Kit Review
Peter B.
United States United States
Entry lvl sg 2

Went on. Ok. Not enough clamps or bolts had to run to the parts store a couple times. They are VERY slow on emailing a tune. The kit took 2 days to install and it's all put together and still no tune. Other than that so far it looks great

ZZPerformance LSJ Turbo Entry Level Swap Kit ReviewZZPerformance LSJ Turbo Entry Level Swap Kit ReviewZZPerformance LSJ Turbo Entry Level Swap Kit Review
Dyllan J.
United States United States
Excellent kit, very noticeable difference, instructions could use a little work

Kit arrived packaged very nicely, arrived pretty quickly as well. there was one thing missing in it, which was addressed very quickly by support and shipped out on a dime. The kit install is pretty straightforward, and I installed with Option B, Dual pass, and a few other things along with E85. The piping all has a great wrinkle coat on it in black that looks awesome and has been holding up great in the engine bay. When installing there is a few parts that are pretty unclear but if you reach out to customer service they will help you out quickly and I had no issues getting my hiccups solved. Everything has a place, and fits very well where it goes. My car was bone stock and this is a world of difference. Spools fast, turbo sounds awesome. I had HP tuners already, so I chose to go with the email file option, and I have yet to be able to get drive time to dial it in, but my AFR's are exactly where they need to be, excellent tune written by ZZP. base maps can always use some tweaking, but this base map is awesome, idles good (even on E85), and is where it needs to be under boost.

Jon B.
United States United States

Came in packaged super good and overall so far so good. Haven't installed yet and hope to get this in this weekend! Had a few pieces show up after I thought I had it all and glad I hadn't started the install. But again overall so far so good.