Transmission & Drivetrain - LSJ Upgraded Throwout Bearing
Transmission & Drivetrain - LSJ Upgraded Throwout Bearing

LSJ Upgraded Throwout Bearing

LSJ Upgraded Throwout Bearing

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The factory LSJ throwout bearing bleeds off pressure when you press in the clutch. This upgraded throwout bearing will not bleed off pressure resulting in more accurate shifting, less grinding of the gears, quicker shifts, longer trans life. This is an upgrade that every LSJ car should have, aftermarket clutch or stock.

This is a brand new OEM dealership throw out bearing being sold with no warranty. If your clutch causes the T.O.B. (throw out bearing) to overextend it will ruin this part, so verify your pressure plates install height before installation.

This is an OEM LNF throw out bearing.

OEM Install instructions:

Tools needed: 

  • J-35555 Metal Mityvac
  • J-42485 Power Steering Bleeder Adapter

1. Verify that all the lines and fittings are dry and secure.
2. Clean the dirt and grease from the reservoir cap in order to ensure that no foreign substances enter the system.
3. Remove the reservoir cap.
4. Fill the reservoir to the proper level with the required fluid.
Some manual transmission equipped vehicles have a combined brake and clutch fluid reservoir.
5. Attach the J-43485 power steering bleeder adapter to the J-35555 Metal Mityvac, or equivalent.
6. Place and hold the adapter on the reservoir filler neck to ensure a tight fit. In some cases, the adapter will fit into the reservoir opening.
7. Apply a vacuum of 51-68 kPa (15-20hg) and remove the adapter.
8. Refill the reservoir to the proper level.
9. Repeat steps 6 and 7
10. If needed, refill the reservoir and continue to pull a vacuum until no more bubbles can be seen in the reservoir or until the fluid level no longer drops.
11. Pump the clutch pedal until firm (to refill actuator cylinder).
12. Add additional fluid if needed.
13. Test drive the vehicle to ensure proper operation. Warning: car will move if started in 1st gear upon initial start up. Start car in neutral first time after installation.


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