LTG Neutral Balance Shafts
LTG Neutral Balance Shafts
LTG Neutral Balance Shafts

ZZP LTG Neutral Balance Shafts

ZZP LTG Neutral Balance Shafts

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The best solution for building a performance engine would be to remove the factory balance shafts entirely. They are only there to remove the natural wobble of the engine at idle, every other RPM, they just add vibration.  When you install these there is a 99% chance you wont even notice a difference.  To completely remove the factory balance shafts would require changing to an electric water pump and plugging the oiling holes. For nearly everyone, swapping to neutral balance shafts is a lot easier solution.

These shafts help you in 3 ways:

  • Less vibration. As the tech article explains, the factory balance shafts cause a cancellation vibration that works against you at higher rpms. These neutral shafts eliminate the HP loss incurred from creating this vibration. They keep your engine safe at high rpm.
  • Less weight. As pictured below the ZZP shafts are lighter than stock. Lighter rotating parts perform better in every way.
  • Less rotating mass. Balance shafts spin at twice engine speed. HP required to spin an object rises exponentially with speed. Balance shafts on built engines can spin in excess of 16,000 rpm!

Important product note: These neutral balance shafts are intended for high performance engine builds that are willing to sacrifice some of the OEM NVH (noise vibration harshness) characteristics. Similar to putting a lightweight flywheel on a vehicle these balance shafts will make some noise. This noise will not affect the vehicle in any way, you will notice some increased volume and pitch of the engine.

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