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MAF Adapter with IAT Plug

MAF Adapter with IAT Plug

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Make sure to select the proper Series II or III version. Series II is L36/L67 (throttle cable throttle body) and Series III is L26/L32 (drive by wire throttle body).

Then you will need to select the proper plug for the MAF sensor that you are using.


Series II to LQ4: This is the most common. It is used most commonly for Northstar (N*) throttle body conversions. The factory Series II car has separate MAF and a IAT sensors. The LQ4 MAF that is used in the N* kit has its own IAT sensor built in, so with this harness it will adapt the factory IAT and MAF plugs into one plug that will connect to your LQ4 MAF sensor.


Series III to LT1: This is a harness that is made for Series III cars that are going to convert to the LT1 MAF, most common for turbo setups. This MAF does NOT have an IAT built in, so it comes with a end that allows you to install a IAT sensor from a Series II car. An IAT extension will allow you to move it where you would like within the extensions range.


The standard ZZP MAF Adaptor will work for a "Series III to LQ4" setup, it uses the LQ4 IAT so no external IAT is needed.

Email Tim@ZZPerformance.com for help with selecting the proper MAF adaptor harness for your setup. Make sure to list year/model car and what MAF you want to end up using.


This item and all electrical items are non-returnable.

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