Mini AFC Air Fuel Controller

Mini AFC Air Fuel Controller

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Provides standalone management of air/fuel mixture onvehicles with frequency based MAF systems. This Mini-AFC allows adjustments to MAF(Mass Air Flow ) frequency signal (in Hz) from 1 to 255% of original frequency in 1%increments. This allows the operator to lean out or richen the Air Fuel mixture simply bychanging the digital DIP switch settings on the device. The AFC adjustment is applied to the entire MAF operation range. The AFC checks switch settings on power up and applies them immediately. Changes to the switches will not result in a % change until the unit is powered down and then back up again.

This is a way to be able to fine tune your cars Air/Fuel ratio without owning an expensive tuning software. ALSO, its main use now-a-days is for cars that are maxing the stock MAF sensor chart which is 11,500 hz. But if that is the case, the PCM MAF chart must be modified to compensate for the amount removed in the AFC. This is an adjustable version of our Fixed Frequency Mini AFC.

Basic MAF chart modification:

  • Take 100 and divide it by the number that you enter in the MiniAFC, then multiply that result by itself two more times. The end result you will use to multiply the entire MAF chart by.
  • For example, set the MiniAFC to 90% and then multiply the entire PCM's MAF chart by 1.372 

3 to 3 wire is for 97-03 Grand Prix and 97-05 Monte Carlo/Impala/Regal/Bonneville 3800 cars.

3 to 5 wire is for the above cars that switched over to a LQ4 MAF sensor.

5 to 5 wire is for 04-06 Grand Prix only with stock MAF sensors.

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