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NGK V Power Spark Plugs

Ignition - NGK V Power Spark Plugs
Ignition - NGK V Power Spark Plugs
Ignition - NGK V Power Spark Plugs


Advanced V-groove center electrode provides optimum performance and fuel efficiency required by today's lean-burning engines. 


  • OEM-Approved Design
  • V-Groove Design Enhances Ignitability
  • More Complete Combustion and Lower Emissions
  • Racer's Choice for Performance
  • .033 gap
  • PN 4644 (1 step colder) and 7405 (2 step colder)

Modern lean-burning, fuel efficient engines create a new set of requirements for spark plugs. NGK Spark Plugs answered the call for a spark plug with lower sparking voltage requirements by developing the V-Power, the only spark plug with a v-groove center electrode on the market today. Why is this important? The v-groove center electrode on a V-Power spark plug forces the spark to the outer edge of the ground electrode, placing it closer to the air/fuel mixture. What this does is allow the spark to more quickly ignite the mixture, providing more complete combustion.

More complete combustion not only provides more power, it also means less harmful emissions. These emissions are not only damaging to the environment, they can reduce the life of expensive catalytic converters and oxygen sensors. V-Power Spark Plugs also require lower ignition firing voltage, resulting in quicker starts and easier cold weather starts throughout the life of the plugs.

NGK's patented v-groove design allows the ignition system to easily spark in these dense air/fuel mixtures. The flame kernel will quickly grow and allow the engine to potentially make more power since it now is operating more efficiently.

As an added bonus, the v-groove forcing the spark to the outer edge of the ground electrode helps reduce the "quenching" effect, reducing misfires caused by high cylinder pressures "blowing out" the spark.

They are available in 1 step colder than stock and 2 step colder racing plugs. Select your option with the drop down. It is not recommended to run 2 steps colder except in race or nitrous applications as they foul out quickly. 

Sold in sets of 4. 

Ignition - NGK V Power Spark Plugs
Ignition - NGK V Power Spark Plugs
Ignition - NGK V Power Spark Plugs
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Gavin S.
United States
V-Power Spark Plugs

Bought these when I bought the ZZP coil for my 1.4 Sonic. These were cheaper with ZZP than anywhere else I have seen. Easy to get the heat range I wanted too.

Dustin J.
United States United States

I loved zzperformance their website was easy to navigate

Tyler G.
United States United States
Ngk Spark Plugs

Huge difference

Kevin C.
United States United States
Great plugs

Got these recommended from customer service thanks they work great out then in my cobalt ss s/c so far they work great

Shane H.
United States United States
High quality, excellent support

I waited until getting these along with the MSD Coil Pack and the Big 3 Wire kit- runs better than ever!!! It's like a new car - power to spare and no more lights dimming when coming to a stop. Also, I recommend getting all 3 if you can. Best money i spent so far on my 2014 Chevy Cruze LT - 1.4L Turbo!!