Engine - Ported Head, Cams, Tune Combo
Engine - Ported Head, Cams, Tune Combo

Ported Head, Cams, Tune Combo

Ported Head, Cams, Tune Combo

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ZZPerformance is proud to announce two new cutting edge products to the LNF/LHU community which is 08+ Cobalt SS, HHR SS, Solstice GXP, Saturn Sky Redline, Regal and Opel GT.

First is our ported head. ZZPerformance has done what no one else in the market has been able to successfully do. That is to produce a ported head that does not affect drivability and actually makes real HP. 2nd is the market's first performance camshafts for the LNF/LHU. Designed, tested, and proven by ZZP they are combined with our ported head and tuning in this package.

Core charge: A core charge is a deposit that allows us to send you a PCM with the tune on it, and you can return your factory PCM core for the deposit to be refunded. You are not required to return a PCM core, but you won’t be refunded the deposit. You can also send in your PCM first to avoid the deposit and having to get a case learn done.
The PCM file is a removable option if you select the 3rd option in the core charge drop down "No PCM, I am doing my own tuning".


  • Brand new GM LNF or LHU head
  • Exclusive ZZP porting
  • New lash adjusters, valves, bolts, retainers
  • ZZP Z2 cams w/ larger fuel lobe
  • 82# Supertech valve springs
  • Titanium retainers
  • ZZP Tune (optional)

You will still need a LNF head gasket and ARP head studs to complete this install.


How much power does this combo make?

This varies drastically based on your existing mods and combo.

-If your car is not far from stock and you have a stock tune, this combo will net you approximately 100 horsepower. Much of this comes from the tune where we can increase the boost.

-In a mildly mod’d LNF/LHU with an existing tune and factory turbo, expect to gain 40-50 HP.

-For cars with an upgrade turbo setup, upper rpm gains will be 40-100HP depending on boost level. Peak HP will vary based on existing tune. Average HP will rise significantly depending on shift points.

Will I lose torque?


Why do you use a new head, can I send you mine?

Used heads can have cracks, imperfections, worn valves, cracked retainers, broken lash adjusters or rockers. This can happen due to wear or valve float which is common on high boost cars with stock springs. This piece is absolutely brand new to ensure one of our most important products is as reliable and perfect as you come to expect from ZZPerformance. We do not need or have a use for your used head.

Can I use my performance valve springs?

Valve springs can wear out, so anything sent to us will have to be tested, clearances checked but we can use your springs (retainers). We would take $100 off this combo price if using your springs/retainers.

Will it sound like I have a cam?

No, our stage cams idle like stock because the ECU will phase the cams to maintain a smooth idle. Fuel economy remains completely unchanged.

Duration at 1mm

Peak lift






stock cams





ZZP stage 1





I have a tune, do I need yours?

We only sell our combo with a tune. We can update your existing tune if you need to keep aspects of what you currently have. The ported head and stage 1 cams do not require a tune to run or idle, but we are adding this to the combo to ensure that maximum performance is achieved. Cam phasing, fueling, timing are all altered to maximize the combo. We will need to know what other modifications are done to the vehicle and how much boost you plan on running.

How do I get the tune?

Send in your PCM or pay a core charge and we can send you one first. We can also edit your HPT file and email back if you have HP tuners. There is no discount regardless of how we do the tune. Dyno tuning here at ZZP is extra.

What else will I need?

New head bolts or head studs, head gasket, fluids.

How hard is the install?

This combo comes assembled and ready to bolt on, minus rockers. You’ll be removing your factory head, swapping with ours. The only pieces you’ll change over are the cam gears, rockers, and fuel pump. They are quite easy to change over. The hard part is making sure your timing chain is setup properly. The cam gears have marks on them correlating to colored chain links. YOU MUST align all of this perfectly including the mark on the crank gear. If you don’t you risk a poor running/performing engine at best, destruction of your build at worst as the valves hit the pistons. You’ll want the front cover off of the engine to see timing marks. We’ll have an install write up soon. We recommend a qualified mechanic installing the head for this reason alone. The motor does not need to come out of the car to swap the head.

How does this compare to other ported heads?

In short, it doesn’t. No one has successfully ported an LNF head in the Ecotec market. It’s easy to make big gains in flow numbers and brag about experience but only ZZP has proven the ability to make power on the dyno with a ported head. For this reason we don’t publish flow numbers as we do not want people comparing heads based on this and thinking that they will translate into real world performance.

Custom Engine SwapsThis option is for anyone looking to tune a vehicle that did not come with an LNF originally. You MUST choose this option if you are tuning a tube chassis car, sand rail, LNF engine retro fit into an older chassis, etc. Do not try to cheap out and purchase a tune from another year/make/model, we will find out and will not continue the tuning process if so. Be aware that when you purchase and start the remote tuning process you are purchasing our tuning services, not diagnostic services. The tune will be put together assuming you have all necessary sensors, boost lines, vacuum lines, etc hooked up correctly. Once you and the tuner have verified that the car is running well and you're both happy with the tune you have 7 days to request any changes. Once that 7 days has run up you can re-purchase our tuning services for your custom swap for $200. 


Ported heads are built to order. Current lead time is approximately 4-6 weeks. 
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