Race Battery

Electronics - Race Battery
Electronics - Race Battery

Race Battery

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The stock AC Delco battery is 42 pounds, the ZZP race battery is 11.1 pounds. It is powerful enough to start your car no problem. Weight savings will lower your 1/4 mile ETs and give much better road racing performance. It will provide 12 amps for 30 minutes so it can be used as the car's only battery. We have tested to zero degrees F and had no starting issues. However this is a race mod, it should be noted that the reserve capacity is a lot less than a stock battery, so it should not be used for extended periods without the car running and it is not recommended to be used as the main battery under 40° F. Your stock battery hold down likely will not work. 


  • Extremely-low internal resistance
  • Fast current flow
  • Easy starting
  • Vibration proof
  • Maintenance free
  • Will not develop a memory
  • Dry cell, so no liquid or gel (no acid to leak out)
  • Corrosion resistant terminals
  • Recharges quickly
  • Excellent storage life
  • 7.05" long, 2.95" wide, and 6.55" high (without terminals)
  • Reserve Capacity: 16 Amp hours
  • Can be mounted in any position
  • 1 year warranty
This item and all electrical items are non-returnable.

Do note you will need battery terminal adapters for your specific make/model. 

We offer a Battery Hold Down/Terminal kit specifically for the Cobalt/Ion here.
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