ZZP Short Stack Intercooler
ZZP Short Stack Intercooler
ZZP Short Stack Intercooler
ZZP Short Stack Intercooler
ZZP Short Stack Intercooler
ZZP Short Stack Intercooler
ZZP Short Stack Intercooler

ZZP Short Stack Intercooler

ZZP Short Stack Intercooler

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The ZZPerformance short stack intercooler system is the most affordable option on the market for reducing KR and keeping your intake temperatures down. There are many things that GM got right with the supercharged 3800's, however the lack of an intercooler has always been a major downfall. Without an intercooler your post supercharger air temps can sky rocket above 200* starting with a single pull, and only go up from there with smaller supercharger pulleys. 

Our short stack intercooler system installs easily in a matter of hours and retains all of your stock PCV and EGR functionality. Upgrades with our new core include a new case design that fits better and uses full 3/4" barb inlet and outlet. Our updated system now uses our dual pass heat exchanger for more concise hose routing and packaging, as well as better efficiency. 


  • ZZP CNC aluminum short stack intercooler core
  • Dual pass front mount heat exchanger
  • ZZP S1 intercooler pump
  • 2 Garloc supercharger gaskets
  • 3/4" heater hose
  • Install instructions
  • All hose clamps, fittings, RTV, and zip ties
  • Longer stainless bolts for the supercharger

The short stack intercooler raises the supercharger only 1 inch so it fits under any hood. The kit comes complete with everything you need except for a fuel rail solution, coolant, and a new supercharger belt. For the fuel rail solution you will want one of the following: Injector Spacers, Modified Fuel Rails, or our Billet Fuel Logs. Gen 3 is for '97 - 03 Grand Prix, 04+ Monte/Impala SS, 97+ Buick Regal. Gen 5 is for 2004 and newer Grand Prix or vehicles with the Gen5 blower retrofitted on their car. The Short Stack Intercooler allows you to get rid of the KR you currently have or if you don't have any KR you can drop .2" in pulley size.

  • Car idle, street-ability, and gas mileage remain unchanged
  • Prevents detonation and chipped pistons
  • PCV system remains fully functional with no modification needed
  • Stock EGR is fully functional
  • New instructions are more detailed and has 2004+ GP specific sections
  • New heat exchanger install methods do not require you to modify your hood latch

5 hour install time. The most complete kit on the market!

Updated 2.2023 with our new CNC aluminum intercooler core, made here in house at ZZPerformance in Wyoming, MI. 

IAT2 temperature testing performed on same car and same day (2.7.23). Test performed on a Gen V blower with 2.8" pulley and 10% overdriven setup. IAT2 reading taken from lower intake manifold post blower:

  • No intercooler: IAT2's 150° start of pull, 216° end of pull.
  • Old short stack: 129° start of pull, 178° end of pull.
  • New ZZP short stack: 112° start of pull, 167° end of pull. 

CLICK HERE for Digital Install Instructions

Fitment note: Has been used in some Holden/Australian applications but we cannot confirm full fitment and functionality. 

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