3800 Stage 2 Intercooler System


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3800 Stage 2 Intercooler System
Intercooling - Stage 2 Intercooler System
  • 3 piece pre-sealed aluminum core
  • Dual pass front mount heat exchanges
  • Bosch Intercooler Pump
  • 2 Garlock supercharger gaskets (modified for PCV use with our revised intake manifold)
  • All hoses including fill kit
  • Installation instructions with pictures (click below link)
  • All hose clamps, fittings, RTV, and zip ties
  • Longer stainless bolts for the supercharger
  • All installation accessories

ZZPerformance is the leader in intercooler research, testing and performance. We are the only 3800 vendor with a supercharger dyno. It measures blower CFM, temperature of ambient air, air out of the blower, and air below the intercooler core. In addition we measure pressure above and below the core, water GPM into the core and temperature of the water going into the core as well as out of the core. By testing over a dozen parameters with various conditions, we are able to bring you performance unparalleled by any other manufacture. While they guess at what 'should' perform, ZZPerformance can guarantee it!

Update 12/17/19: We now include our Gen 2.5 intercooler cores in all of our Stage 2 intercooler kits. The benefits include: Straight through PCV passages, this revision no longer requires swapping the intake manifold to maintain factory PCV function.  The core itself is more efficient, 20% denser core, and the shape is optimized for the actual airflow path.  Internally it is no longer sealed by RTV, it uses o-rings with machined o-ring passages.  It is ¾ of a pound lighter than our old Stage 2 core.  It has ¾” nipples instead of 5/8” for increased water flow.  …And finally, improved machining quality. To read fully about the new cores click here.

Bring your car to the next level of performance with our intercooler. For use with all M90 powered cars. Use 3.0 pulleys or smaller with 0 KR. 300+ HP at the wheels is easily within reach with the addition of our IC. Our latest kit is the easiest to install yet with nearly a dozen improvements over our older kits. Separate system no longer ties into factory overflow, T fill ensures no air and easy priming, new gaskets eliminate PCV issues and extra work trimming.

  • Car idle, streetability and gas mileage remain unchanged
  • Works fine year round
  • Prevents detonation and chipped pistons
  • *Stock PCV function** (no breather required 5-3-06) with our revised intake manifold (must be purchased separately).
  • *Stock EGR function
  • 3/4" lines and fittings
  • New design outperform anything on the market
  • 3 piece core is bolted together and pre-sealed for easier installation

How to order:

Supercharger Generation: The '97-03 Grand Prix GTP, '04-05 Monte Carlo/Impala SS, and '97+ Regal/ Bonneville SSEi/ Park Avenue Ultra/ LSS comes from the factory with a Gen3 supercharger. The only car that comes from the factory with a Gen5 supercharger is the 04+ Grand Prix supercharged. However the Gen5 supercharger can be retrofitted to cars that came with a Gen3 supercharger, if you are going to do that, you will want to select Gen5 instead.

Fuel Rail Solution: The Series II '97-03 Grand Prix GTP, '04-05 Monte Carlo/Impala SS, and '97+ Regal/ Bonneville SSEi/ Park Avenue Ultra/ LSS comes from the factory with a Return Style Fuel System. The only car that comes from the factory with a Returnless Fuel System is the Series III '04+ Grand Prix supercharged.

6 hour install time. The most complete kit on the market with CD based installation instructions including dozens of pictures and step by step instructions.

The new ZZP heat exchangers are custom built for the W-body platform. They are bolt in with no longer require cutting of the factory hood latch.

Larger fuel injectors required for smaller than 3.1" pulley sizes.

Longer supercharger belt is required. Typical: 3.1"+ pulley needs a 685 belt, 3.0"-2.8" pulley uses 680 belt, 2.7" or smaller usually requires 675 belt

For installation of stage 2 intercoolers on 2004+ Supercharged GPs, we recommend our Alternator relocation brackets, cradle spacers and inlet turn down adapter (drive by wire only) for added hood clearance. 04+ Monte Carlos and Impalas will need the Alternator relocation brackets. Will not work with our L36 Supercharger Kit due to injector location.

Stage 2 core is made of Aluminum and weighs 8.9 lbs.

This kit DOES NOT work with our L36 supercharger kit due to injector clearance.

Instruction CD:

UPS Shipping Only.

3800 Stage 2 Intercooler System
Intercooling - Stage 2 Intercooler System
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jacob b.
United States United States

Looks great Im sure it works great too.

Scott M.
2004 Grand Prix stage 2 intercooler

Good parts high quality. Old directions. Needs an update. I feel that this is a consistent weakness in that there needs to be consistent directions provided for all parts that are provided. Mine said silicone did not need to be applied on the supercharger side but I had a vacuum leak and had to apply silicone to get it to seal. Also the long bolt on the pull side was to long so I had to take about a 1/4” off to make it work.

Kevin A.


Nathanial L.
Great product design, easy install

Bought this kit about a year ago hoping to learn the steps and get it installed myself on my 2005 GTP. Finally bought the modified LIM and I was ready to go. Slow pace install by a novice took about 12 hours over 3 days. Ran into a couple problems: Supercharger belt recommended was too small to fit, had to swap my 3.5in idler pulley for a 3.0 tensioner and go down to a 3.5in supercharger pulley. But the system is stable with no belt slip at 6000 rpm. Belt was also contacting cool pack bracket after intercooler install, so I had to insert washers under to space it out. There is barely enough clearance at this time but with no contact, I'll leave it as it is now. Alternator relocation kit was not needed for my setup (not sure why) Throttle body downturn adapter may have not been required for my setup (used anyways) Throttle body heat shield was repurposed as an EGR heat shield as I rerouted the harness under the Supercharger inlet and next to the EGR. Front mount heat bolt hole had to be hammered left about 1/8in to line up with the bumper holes. Still chasing down a leak in my air intake system making it sound like I've got a turbo, but everything else installed great and I'm currently running a 3.5in pulley on front plog, 2.5in DP and catback, ceramic coated crossover, ZZP 1.0pcm, 180 deg thermostat, and fenderwell intake with no more than 3degrees of KR at 6k rpm. I don't even have the intercooler pump running yet and I've got major KR drop. I barely see KR from the torque converter unlock and hill climbs which was as high as 5 degrees before. I am a novice, this is the biggest thing I've ever done to a car, and this is the only car I've worked on. That being said, I managed it and I'm very happy with the results.

Joe H.

Great a always