Throw Out Bearing Spacer

Throw Out Bearing Spacer

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Most aftermarket clutches cause the factory Throw Out Bearing to overextend and then blow out the seal causing you to lose hydraulic pressure which then causes your clutch to not disengage anymore. For example, your car is broken and needs to be towed to a shop to have the throw out bearing replaced. This product installs in between the transmission bell-housing and the throw out bearing so it doesn't have to push out as far to do the same job. This will not affect pedal position or feel, it just makes your throw out bearing more reliable.

Don't be fooled by other cheaper sheet metal ones out there that don't support the seal, they will cause a leak inside your bellhousing.


  • Billet aluminum spacer. .250" thickness is anodized blue, .200" thickness is anodized black.
  • 3 replacement bolts


Simply push the OEM seal out of the factory throw out bearing and push it into the backside of the new spacer. This seal is what holds transmission fluid inside the transmission, if you do not relocate the seal, fluid will leak from between the trans case and the spacer itself.


Work on F35, F40, and F23 throw out bearings. 

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