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The ZZP 1.0 PCM gives you the most requested and sought after features in a PCM. Buying from ZZP ensures fast response on emailed questions, quick turn around, and prompt core refunds. The ZZP 1.0 PCM is backed by a company you can trust. 1.0. 

If you live in a county that does E-Check emissions testing, you must select "sending core" or "email a file". We cannot change the VIN in this PCM; if you use one of our cores the VIN will not match your car and you cannot pass the test.

Our tunes are built to order, based on the modifications on your car. Due to this, if wanting to order with Next Day Air or any rush delivery, please reach out and email Tyler.V@zzperformance.com before placing your order. 


  • Raised rev limiter (7200rpm on stock valve springs)
  • Fan turn on temperatures modified
  • Intercooler pump turn on when key on
  • MAF calibration per intake brand (if available)
  • WOT fueling modified
  • WOT timing modified
  • Torque abuse modes are modified to eliminate bog at launch
  • Power enrichment tables modified
  • Injector charts modified
  • "COT" disabled
  • "Burst KR" disabled
  • Boost limiter disabled
  • 1st gear boost modified
  • Does not alter emissions


  • Electrical items are non returnable.
  • PCMs are flashed on a per order basis and once shipped they are non-returnable. Warranty replacements are offered for 1 year on defective products.
  • VINs cannot be changed in LSJ PCMs. If you need your VIN retained for e-check testing, you must send us your core.

How to order your ZZP 1.0 pcm:

Model: Please select the proper model of your car.

Year of car: Please select the correct year of your car.

Core charge: A core charge is a deposit that allows us to send you a PCM with the tune on it, and you can return your factory PCM core for the deposit to be refunded. You are not required to return a PCM core, but you won't be refunded the deposit. You can also send in your PCM first to keep the correct matching VIN, avoid the core charge deposit, and having to get a case learn/crankcase variation learn done. *Note, if you have other items on your order, we will hold the entire order until we have received the core. When choosing "sending in core first" you must send us YOUR CORE from YOUR vehicle, not a random PCM from a junkyard or eBay. There are advantages to sending in your core, like not having to do a security relearn, no crank relearn, etc. If you send us a core that is not out of your vehicle it will likely not work correctly. 
Contact us with any questions. PCM's must be functional to be eligible for core refund. 

Injectors: What injectors do you have installed? Choose this option carefully, if you have the factory GM Stage 2 package, then you will select the 42# injector option.  Stock LSJs are green, Stock GM S2s are black, then we have Siemens/Mototron 60s which are skinny body black, and Siemens/Mototron 80s which are the same skinny body black, but with a bright blue ring at the bottom that inserts into the factory injector cup in the head.  Email Tyler.V@ZZPerformance.com if you have a different injector so he can verify that he has the correct injector data for you before ordering. 160# injectors are remote tune only. 

1st Gear Boost: We can lower the boost in 1st gear to help with 1st gear traction issues. Applies to supercharged cars.

Power Adder: This determines what supercharger or if you converted to turbocharged.  If you have our turbo kit, we can ship a PCM with the file on it, however if you have a custom turbo kit, then it will be remote tune only. Turbo files for "sending in core first" or "refundable core charge" are designed for gate pressure only, anything higher and you will need a remote email tune. 

Meth Injection: The only way to see gains from Meth injection is to lean out the fueling and add timing in the PCM file. Do not select the Meth option unless your meth is fully working at WOT. We recommend 75%+ meth to water ratio to actually see gains. Meth injection is email remote tune only. 

Throttle Body: If you are running the LS4 throttle body, the throttle body scaler table must be modified for it to function correctly.

Fuel Used: This is the option that determines what fuel you will be running in your car. make sure that you drain all of the gas out of your tank before switching to e85. Also please read our tech article about "e85".  You will need 80's to properly support the extra fueling demands of e85.  33, 42, and 60# injectors are too small for E85.

Air Intake: If we have a specific tune available for your brand intake we will put the correct MAF chart in the PCM file. Anytime the MAF tube is changed it effects the airflow to the MAF sensor and will effect your fuel trims and WOT fueling. If you have an intake other than what is listed you will get a tune set up with a stock MAF chart. 

Custom Engine Swaps: This option is for anyone looking to tune a vehicle that did not come with an LSJ originally. You MUST choose this option if you are tuning a tube chassis car, sand rail, LSJ engine retro fit into an older chassis, DF Goblin, etc. Do not try to cheap out and purchase a tune from another year/make/model, we will find out and will not continue the tuning process if so. Be aware that when you purchase and start the remote tuning process you are purchasing our tuning services, not diagnostic services. The tune will be put together assuming you have all necessary sensors, boost lines, vacuum lines, etc hooked up correctly. Once you and the tuner have verified that the car is running well and you're both happy with the tune you have 7 days to request any changes. Once that 7 days has run up you can re-purchase our tuning services for your custom swap for $200. When doing a custom setup, there may be extra hardware (sensors, wiring, etc) needed for setting up the tune correctly. These things will be pointed out by your tuner if they are missing and will be required to move forward with the tuning. We will not cover these parts nor do we always carry those required sensors/parts. 


1. Can I change your PCMs with my tuning software?
Yes. We do not lock our PCMs. However, we will not continue diagnosis/troubleshooting if you have changed the tune. 

2. What do the cam files have different?
Further raised rev limiters, low RPM misfire sensitivity adjusted (P0300 still works), and fueling adjusted for a smoother idle with correct LT trims.

3. Will I need a CASE learn?
Most cars do not require a CASE learn but it is recommended. If you get a check engine light for a P0315 code after installing the PCM, then a CASE "crankcase variation" learn is mandatory. 70+% of cars do not HAVE to have a CASE learn. We offer CASE learns for no charge if you are buying our PCM and in the Grand Rapids, MI area. If you want to avoid the chance of having to do a case learn, then select "sending in core first" on the core charge drop down and send us your pcm core to flash. A CASE learn syncs the PCM to the crank sensor.

4. What if I don't like something about my PCM?
Cars of the same year and type can vary. If you receive your PCM and would like the fuel trims dialed in or one of the modifications that is standard to this PCM changed; simply give us fuel trim data and we can help either diagnose the issue or offer a PCM update for your specific setup.

If you have HPTuners we will gladly look over logs and data to attempt to troubleshoot/remedy anything you feel is not correct with your 1.0 file at no cost. 

5. Will I pass emissions with this PCM?
Yes. If you passed before this tune, you will pass after this tune 

6. Does this disable my AC?

7. My car has different gears, do I need the PCM modified?
No. The speed sensor is on the output of the transmission.

9. What octane do I need to run?
If your car is supercharged or turbo premium gas is required. The higher the octane of premium, the better. Unleaded race gas works well for further improved performance.

10. How do I perform a security relearn?
For the seed key relearn, this is the procedure:

You can open and close the door- It doesn't matter. You will need to get in and out since you need to push in the clutch.
  1. Depress the clutch and try to start the car. If it does not turn over, let off, but leave the key in the run position. The security light should be lit up on the dash.
  2. Wait 10 minutes(you can open the door and get out). The security light on the dash will turn off after 10 minutes.
  3. Turn the key off for 5 seconds, then depress the clutch and try to start the car. If it does not turn over, let off, but leave the key in the run position. The security light should be lit up on the dash.
  4. Wait 10 minutes(you can open the door and get out). The security light on the dash will turn off after 10 minutes.
  5. Turn the key off for 5 seconds, then depress the clutch and try to start the car. If it does not turn over, let off, but leave the key in the run position. The security light should be lit up on the dash.
  6. Wait 10 minutes(you can open the door and get out). The security light on the dash will turn off after 10 minutes.
  7. Turn the key off for 5 seconds, then depress the clutch and try to start the car. The car should start on this attempt.

12. How strict are you on the core charge?
A core charge will be added to the price of this item. The core charge is 100% refundable with the return of your original PCM within 14 days of receiving your PCM. Damaged, dirty or painted PCM core returns will be docked or returned, if the core is non-functioning you will not receive a refund.  If you have an issue with your PCM or install, the core return allowance of 14 days will be extended until the issue is resolved. 

To send your core from "sending in core first" or "refundable core charge":

Attn: Order # (order number goes here)
2450 28th ST SW
Wyoming, MI 49519

Sending in core first allows you to avoid having to have your car case learned (P0315) because it was done from the factory. A case learn should be done anytime the crank pulley is removed or the PCM core is swapped.

13. Remote tuning limitations:

Our 1.0 remote tune comes setup for the specific upgrades listed in the drop downs. In an effort to keep our 1.0 PCM tunes at industry low pricing we may require additional money for the extra time required to modify the 1.0 file if your mods aren’t listed. For example: Custom or not common intakes, Boost reference fuel systems, custom turbo or supercharger kits, MAF and/or MAP conversions. However there are plenty of upgrades that do not require specific tune changes. For example: exhaust changes, heat exchangers, endplate changes, ported superchargers, those effect the size of pulley you can run. Feel free to email Tyler.V@ZZPerformance.com for more details.

If using your own laptop for remote tuning, download the latest stable HPTuners VCM Suite here.

If you are having knock (KR) related problems during your remote tuning sessions we recommend using Boostane. Boostane is a safe octane booster that actually works, unlike the generic "octane boosters" found at your local auto parts stores. We have noticed large spikes in fuel inconsistency since the beginning of the pandemic, so sometimes it's hard to point out if there's an issue with the car being knock limited or just the quality of fuel. While tuning if you add Boostane and notice the KR subside, then your problem lies in your fuel. If you add Boostane and it has no noticeable effect on KR, then it is likely that your car has a mechanical issue that is causing and/or being sensed as knock. 

Our 1.0 files are set up for the specific combinations of modifications listed above in the product options. If you have a different setup or further tuning is required to dial in your tune you will want to rent or purchase HPTuners. Rental can be found here. Purchase can be found here. You will need 2 credits for LSJ applications. 

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