ZZP Air Filter Wrap

ZZP Air Filter Wrap

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ZZPerformance's air filter wrap is the perfect accessory to your ZZP cold air intake or ZZP air filter. Our air filter wrap is made of a water resistant polyester material that helps to prevent water from saturating your air filter and prevent rocks, mud, and debris from getting caught in the filter; we achieve this all with a little to no reduction in flow or power. Since our air filters are oiled this wrap prevents debris from sticking to the filter which can rob power. Since ZZP air filter wraps help keep debris off your filter it can also extend the amount of time between air filter cleaning/servicing. 

While our filter wrap helps prevent water from entering the filter, it is not waterproof. You should still always use a fenderliner and have the air filter wrap as a back up

Our air filter wraps are designed to fit snuggly on our ZZP air filters. These wraps could likely be used on competitors air filters with similar dimensions however we cannot guarantee compatibility. 

The model number you will want will correspond to the ZZP air filter you have. 


1- Cone style: 6" base, 4-3/4" end, 9" length, 4" inlet (Used in our ZZP 3800 Cold Air Intake)

2- Cone style: 6" base, 4-5/8" top, 7-1/4" length, 3-1/4" inlet (Used in ZZP's 3" LSJ Cold Air Intake and ZZP's 3.25" LNF Cobalt Fenderwell Intake)

3- Cone style: 6" base, 4-5/8" top, 5-1/8" length, 3" inlet (Used in ZZP's Sonic and Cruze Cold Air Intake, ZZP ATS CAI, ZZP Camaro CAI, ZZP ATS-V CAI, and ZZP 3" Ion Redline Gen 2 Cold Air Intake, ZZP Entry Level Turbo Kit, ZZP LHU Regal CAI)

4- Cone style: 4-5/8" base, 4-1/4" top, 5" length, 4" inlet (Used in ZZP's Fenderwell Intake for the 3800 v6)
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