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Engine - ZZP Aluminum Heads
Engine - ZZP Aluminum Heads
Engine - ZZP Aluminum Heads

After 4 years of development and testing, ZZP is proud to release the world's only aftermarket aluminum heads for the Series II & III 3800 engine. Not only do these new heads address every shortcoming of the factory iron heads, they are one of the single largest mods you can do to improve the performance of your vehicle. Out of the box these will outflow our Stage 4 iron heads, and have extra material so they could be ported further for additional gains.

Benefits include:

  • 35 pounds of weight savings(per pair), improving vehicle weight balance, launching, handling, fuel economy and braking
  • Faster/better engine cooling
  • Increase flow provides large HP gains in every application and better engine efficiency for improved economy
  • Aluminum allows higher boost and/or more compression with the same octane fuel
  • 56cc chambers increase compression .6 on GTP(L67) and .8 with GT(L36) pistons (stock is 62cc)
  • 148cc intake runners, 58cc exhaust
  • Reinforcements to prevent flexing under high boost applications
  • Extra material for custom port work
  • Sturdy rocker stands which remove potential rocker arm movement under high loads
  • Custom designed to allow the additional of extra head bolts on top and below cylinders
  • 1.96 intake 1.57 exhaust valves (stock is 1.80"/1.52")
  • Precision surface finish of 40 ra ensures perfect sealing with any head gaskets

    Engine Option:
    L67/L32- Comes with injector bungs in the intake runner like factory L67 and L32s have.  
    L36/L26- These do not come with injector bungs because the L36 and L26 have the injector bungs located in the lower intake manifold.
    You will want to order whichever head is similar to your setup so the fuel rails will fit properly.

    Spring Seat Pressure:
    This is what valve springs will come installed in the heads or they can come without any valve springs.

    Porting Option:
    The heads were cast to flow a lot better than the stock heads, but we do offer Stage 2 porting which will increase the flow even more.  Stage 2 Porting adds full hand porting in the intake and exhaust ports.  Gains of 10+% are had with this option.

    Complete heads - Assembled and ready to bolt on (complete with springs, ZZP valves, hardened seats, guides, valve seals, retainers, keepers).

    2015 we began shipping revision D of our alum heads. While this is our 4th version, it is actually the 2nd version that we've sold commercially. Some earlier revisions were never sold. All changes have been minor improvements. The largest changes to revision D are stock length valves and intake runner improvement. As shipped, these heads outflow our stage 4 Iron heads.

    These heads are built to order, shipping time is within 3-4 weeks.


    As of June 2020 we are discontinuing our aluminum heads. The few sets that we have left will be the final iterations and we will not be restocking them. 

    Engine - ZZP Aluminum Heads
    Engine - ZZP Aluminum Heads
    Engine - ZZP Aluminum Heads
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    Alex C.
    Beautiful Heads

    Bought these for an L36 Turbo build with the 136lb springs and i'm thoroughly impressed. The machining is great, They seal great, and the bump in compression is nice. They also look fantastic, the ZZP logo barely poking out in the engine bay was a nice touch as well.

    Test T.

    Test Review by alex

    Guest G.
    Lee M

    Quick delivery, Machining is great. Can't wait to get them on my new motor

    Turbogp T.
    Needs more stainless steel

    Happy about the stainless steel exhaust valves but all the valve seats and the intake valves are not stainless :-(

    Sam N.
    They Look Amazing

    I haven't put them on yet, but the machining and quality look great.