ZZP ATS/ATS-V Rear Sway Bar


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Suspension & Brakes - ZZP ATS Rear Sway Bar
Suspension & Brakes - ZZP ATS Rear Sway Bar
Suspension & Brakes - ZZP ATS Rear Sway Bar

Once you add some basic handling mods such as lowering springs, upgraded struts, better tires, etc, it becomes increasingly important to consider upgrading your sway bars. As you improve the ability of your car to stick to the road, you will notice an increase in body roll (or sway/lean). This is where a stiffer/larger sway bar setup becomes beneficial. Sway bars work by distributing the upward/downward force of the car evenly from left to right, in an attempt to keep the car level (eliminate the heavy lean, or body roll while turning) the factory sway bars are sufficient for a factory suspension/tire setup, but once you change things out, they are no longer stiff enough. This is where the larger diameter/stiffer sway bars come in, they will help keep all 4 tires planted firmly on the pavement, and drastically improve your cars handling ability. The ZZP sway bar will transform your every day driver into a vehicle worthy of a road course.

Sway Bar 101: This is assuming you have a properly setup front/rear spring rate and good shocks/struts...  For example, lets say you are coming into a corner fast and want to make the turn.  If the car tends to understeer (front pushes/does not turn) you will want to increase the rear sway bar stiffness.  People generally prefer oversteer (rear swings out) in a corner in a front wheel drive car because you can always accelerate out to control the amount of oversteer.  If the car oversteers a lot, then increase the front sway bar.

Stock (non V) 14mm solid.

Stock (V-model) 26mm hollow.

ZZP rear sway bar 26mm SOLID.

Brand E 19mm HOLLOW.

Comes with new bushings and brackets.

Does not fit Camaro. Fits 2.0, 3.6, and 3.6TT (ATS-V) models. 

Suspension & Brakes - ZZP ATS Rear Sway Bar
Suspension & Brakes - ZZP ATS Rear Sway Bar
Suspension & Brakes - ZZP ATS Rear Sway Bar
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A ZZPerformance Customer
United States United States
Rear Sway bar need to be one of first mods bought

After the easy installation, it was a night and day difference. Wish I would have bought sooner.

ZZPerformance ZZP ATS Rear Sway Bar Review
JAn H.
United States United States

This was just what I needed for my ride so smooth and steady now

United States United States
Great improvement

Used do driving a smaller car with stiffer suspension. I put both front and rear sway bars and a instantly noticed a difference. Major improvement!

Jay D.
United States United States
ATS Rear Sway Bar

Haven’t been able to fully test due to winter installation, but the body roll has been extremely reduced in day to day driving. Currently have a ZZP front strut tower brace as well and the car handles really nice. I’d highly recommend these 2 options as a starting point for suspension!!

United States United States
Wow - substantially larger

The rear sway bar is substantially lager and makes a huge difference in the handling of the vehicle The suspension feels nice and tight. The turns are incredible. This is must have for better handling