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ZZP ATS-V Throttle Body Bell Mouth

Another first in the V market, our bolt on ATS-V throttle body bell mouth is a quick power adder with no downfalls. Unlike the other guys who try to sell you snake oil and giant performance packages, we here at ZZP like to find every horsepower we can at an affordable price. As we continue to innovate in the ATS-V market we noted that some gains could be had at the throttle body. Using a bell mouth on the throttle body we noticed that we could hold power out longer and maintain a smoother power band. During our testing we noted a 4whp gain at peak but up to 10whp over a stock throttle body in the middle of the power band. 

This bell mouth slides over the stock throttle body and locks into place. Installation once the lid is off the intake is a matter of seconds. 

Fits: 2016-2019 Cadillac ATS-V