ZZP Cobalt/HHR Coilovers
ZZP Cobalt/HHR Coilovers
ZZP Cobalt/HHR Coilovers
ZZP Cobalt/HHR Coilovers
ZZP Cobalt/HHR Coilovers
ZZP Cobalt/HHR Coilovers
ZZP Cobalt/HHR Coilovers
ZZP Cobalt/HHR Coilovers
ZZP Cobalt/HHR Coilovers
ZZP Cobalt/HHR Coilovers

ZZP Cobalt/HHR Coilovers

ZZP Cobalt/HHR Coilovers

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In February 2021 we launched our first set of ZZP coilovers for the W-body platform with resounding success. No one knows the delta platform better than us at ZZP, so it was only a matter of time before we released our own coilovers for the Cobalt/G5/HHR. We built upon the successful combination of parts and research of the W-body coilovers and applied that knowledge to the delta platform, along with some new tricks. 

While there are many coilover options for the Cobalt on the market, our unique rear design sets the ZZP coilovers apart from the rest. Our eccentric pass through rear lower mount means that you can go lower than other coilovers while retaining a great ride. Since the shock can pass through the bottom of the mount it means we can run a longer shock. More travel = better ride quality. We developed two versions of the kit, a standard and extra low. Installation note: On the lower rear mount there are two thicknesses of bushing, if your lower mount hits the beam, swap the mounts side to side. 

During testing we tried many different spring heights and spring rates, ultimately landing on 6kg front and 6kg rear. These spring rates, combined with our chosen spring heights, and shocks/struts that are valved specifically to these spring rates and chassis mean you will get excellent ride quality while retaining fantastic performance. Ride height adjustability is done via the shock body in the front, meaning spring pre-load is preset for the optimal combination of ride quality and handling. Rear height adjustment is done via the included high/low adjuster, and preload is set via your rear shock body. Front camber can be adjusted at the top of the strut via the camber plate, or down at the knuckle mounting point with our slotted lower mount. 

We offer double the warranty of BC's and other competitors, 2 years against any defect. This shows how much we stand behind our product. Our coilovers also come with more dampening adjustment range so you can fine tune for your specific build and desired ride quality. Our coils were built with every climate in mind; being based in Michigan we know how much the elements affect suspension parts, so we made sure the welds are up to our standards as well as the powder coated lower collars are reinforced to withstand rust. All other components are anodized, or powder coated to resist rust. We know that you're going to love everything about these coilovers. 

Which version to choose:

  • Standard (~0-2.0" drop): This version is for customers looking for increased performance and adjustability over a stock style strut/lowering spring or stock suspension. This version includes a 160mm rear spring + adjuster. The standard version can go from nearly stock height down to approximately 2" lower than stock SS suspension. This can get you to 1 finger "fitment" in the rear on 18's with the perches out. Both versions include the same front coilover assembly which has more than enough adjustment for any preferred ride height. 

  • Extra Low (~1.5-4.0" drop): This version is for customers looking for increased performance, adjustability, and the ability to go "dirt nasty low". One drawback of competitors coilovers is the rear shock bottoms out in the rear mount "cup", giving you only so much adjustment. This version includes a 125mm rear spring, adjuster, and shorter shock. The extra low can go from lowering spring height down to tucking tire. This is for the customer that wants to go as low as possible, all while still retaining a great ride and awesome handling. Ordering note: Do not order the extra low kit unless you plan to drop the car significantly. 

  • Sport (~0-1.75" drop): As of April 2023 we are now offering out Sport version of our ZZP coilovers. This version includes the same spring lengths and mounts as our Standard version, but with 8kg spring rates front and rear. These coilovers are intended for those looking for more performance on the autocross course or road course. Along with the increased spring rate we have special valving and a heavier weight shock oil for increased damping abilities. A heavier weight oil means the oil will remain in the optimal viscosity range during extended track sessions. Due to the heavier spring rates this kit will drop slightly less than our standard kit. We highly recommend pairing this kit with our ZZP progressive bump stops, found here

  • Front pillowball mounts
  • Rear offset eccentric pass through lower mount
  • Road noise isolators on top and bottom of front springs
  • Height adjustment front and rear
  • 32 clicks of damping adjustment, front and rear
  • 2 year best in class ZZP warranty
  • Front camber adjustment w/ adjustment marks. 
  • 6kg front spring rate, 6kg rear spring rate (8kg front and rear on Sport kit)
  • Monotube construction
  • Linear damping curve
  • Simultaneous compression and rebound adjustment via damping knobs 

Fitment note: These coilovers were built and designed around stock wheels from the Cobalt SS, Ion Redline, and HHR SS. Due to the design of the rear lower mount, some aftermarket wheels may need a slight spacer to clear depending on your width, offset, and wheel design. Make sure to test fit your wheel, including wheel in rotational movement with the rear shock installed and set at ride height before fully bolting down the wheel. Double check wheel/tire clearance after rear suspension has been fully installed before driving.

Installation note: When installing the rear dampers you must make sure that there is at least 25-30mm of thread in the rear lower mount. Failure to do so may result in premature failure and/or the damper pulling out of the lower mount. 

Maintenance note: we recommend regularly oiling the front pillowball mount to maintain performance. 

If you have fitment issues with wider wheels in the rear we now offer our extra clearance rear mounts, found here. Most people will not need these, if you have any fitment questions reach out to customerservice@zzperformance.com or Tyler.V@zzperformance.com.

Fits: 2005-2010 Chevrolet Cobalt SS, 2005-2010 Chevy Cobalt LS/LT, 2008-2010 Chevy HHR SS, 2006-2011 Chevy HHR LS/LT, 2007-2009 Pontiac G5 and G5 GT, and 2005-2009 Pontiac Pursuit. 



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