ZZP LF4 Fill Kit

ZZP LF4 Fill Kit

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Easily fill and bleed the intercooler system on your LF4 powered ATS-V. The ATS-V features a water to air intercooler system that does not feature an external reservoir, so bleeding the system can be a real pain. The V's intercooler pump will shut off if it senses air in the system, and if it does your manifold air temps will begin to rise quickly. With air temps increasing you will notice the car cutting boost, closing the throttle, and significantly less power. 

Our ZZP fill kit includes a funnel, CNC fill adapter, and pre-made intercooler pump switch harness. Our billet adapter features an internal provision to open the fill fitting on the stock system, meaning no need to use a dowel to open the port. Simply install the switch harness, install the funnel assembly and start to bleed the system. 

We recommend continually checking and bleeding your intercooler system to ensure optimal performance and reliability of your ATS-V. 


  • Funnel with valve
  • Billet bleed adapter
  • Intercooler pump switch harness 
  • 2x 10amp fuses

CLICK HERE for Digital Install Instructions

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