Electronics - ZZP LHU Turbo PCM
Electronics - ZZP LHU Turbo PCM
Electronics - ZZP LHU Turbo PCM
Electronics - ZZP LHU Turbo PCM
Electronics - ZZP LHU Turbo PCM



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The ZZP LHU turbo PCM brings the performance of your turbocharged Regal to the level that the factory should have released it with. The ZZP PCM is backed by a company you can trust. Here at ZZP, we own our own chassis dyno ensuring the maximum performance on our products.

With just a tune on a non GS car, we can add about 40whp and 80 ft lbs. Typical dyno numbers are 280whp and 320-340 ft lbs depending on what clutch the car has. If the car has a stock clutch we reduce the torque a little to help it hold the added power. The GS baseline starts with more whp because the factory PCM is more aggressive, so gains are 30whp and 40 ft lbs.

1.0 files do not come with any tech or programming support for changes or issues outside 1.0 tuning parameters.

First Gear Boost: We can reduce the boost in first gear to help maintain traction.

Intake Used: This determines what tube the MAF sensor is in. The stock air box holds the MAF sensor, an aftermarket intake will relocate the MAF in it, and for an aftermarket blow off valve to blow off to the atmosphere without the car running poorly the MAF should be relocated in the lower charge tube as a "Blow Through" design. We have a file and a lower charge pipe to make it simple for you to do this. We can not guaranty files for aftermarket MAF tubes that are not our off the shelf units.

Programming Options: If you have a manual trans car, then you can ship us your ECM core, if you have an automatic, we will need the car in person because the TCM (trans control module) is located inside the transmission. If you have HPTuners we can email you a file to upload yourself. If you select "Bringing the car in for flash" your order will be held until we receive your ECM to flash. Please ship it to "2450 28th St. SW, Wyoming, MI 49519" Attn your order #. We have another option available, we can either sell you a tuner interface or even rent you one. When you receive it, you would read your ECM and if available TCM, then email us the file, we will then modify it and email it back to you. Upon returning the interface and laptop (if selected), you are refunded the entire core charge (deposit). Additionally a Windows based laptop is required. you can use your own or borrow one from us. The advantage of using ours is that it is pre-configured with scanning software and tools to help us assist you if you have any questions or custom tuning requirements. If you choose to keep the tuning interface and/or the laptop, that's fine. That core charge in that case will not be refunded. Core charges are based on 10 days and there will be additional charges if cables or laptops are kept for longer periods. After 30 days, core charges convert to purchases. Note: Prepaid return labels for interface/laptop rentals are only included with domestic shipments. HPTuners interface comes with the appropriate amount of credits needed for your vehicle. 

Click here for HPTuner instructions

Click here for instructions on how to change your HPTuner scanner Config

If using your own laptop for remote tuning, download the latest stable HPTuners VCM Suite here.

If you are having knock (KR) related problems during your remote tuning sessions we recommend using Boostane. Boostane is a safe octane booster that actually works, unlike the generic "octane boosters" found at your local auto parts stores. We have noticed large spikes in fuel inconsistency since the beginning of the pandemic, so sometimes it's hard to point out if there's an issue with the car being knock limited or just the quality of fuel. While tuning if you add Boostane and notice the KR subside, then your problem lies in your fuel. If you add Boostane and it has no noticeable effect on KR, then it is likely that your car has a mechanical issue that is causing and/or being sensed as knock. 

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