ZZP LNF HHR High Flow Intake


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Air Intake - ZZP LNF HHR High Flow Intake
Air Intake - ZZP LNF HHR High Flow Intake

Here it is, the ZZPerformance HHR air intake, now you can remove that ugly factory air box and replace it with our silicone and wrinkle black powdercoated aluminum tube. Relocates your MAF using our cnc cut MAF pad, since the MAF is located in a larger tube a tune is highly recommended. It connects directly to your stock turbo, has provisions for your EVAP, and secures to one of your valve cover bolts.

Only works on the Turbo model HHR.

Air Intake - ZZP LNF HHR High Flow Intake
Air Intake - ZZP LNF HHR High Flow Intake
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Tory K.
United States United States

Easy install and removes the **** factory air box. Love it.

Eduardo G.
United States United States
I can listen the air on the filter going in

Easy set up excellent finish . K&n filter

ZZPerformance ZZP LNF HHR High Flow Intake Review
Rafael N.
United States United States
Happy cust

Love the look as well as the performance upgrade quality products

george S.
United States United States
All good!

no problems! Talked to tech, orderd parts and all well.

ZZPerformance ZZP LNF HHR High Flow Intake Review
Jason C.
United States United States
Definately worth the money

First I would like to thank Tyler at ZZP over this transaction. I would recommend that you ask for him if you are looking at this product. He helped me 100%! Sent me videos of what my car will sound like with this cold air intake. He also did not steer me into buying more stuff that I really didn't need. I just wanted to hear my turbo spool up and hear the "sneezing" sound that the turbo makes when you let off. Not really looking for tire melting power. This product went on my 2009 HHR SS. Arrived within three days of buying it. When I opened the box, I discovered the air filter is a K&N. The tubes are ZZP. The tube that goes on the turbo is rubber, and the part that the air filter attaches to is powder coated metal. All top quality, i can tell. It is worth the $279.99 price tag. The install took me 20 minutes roughly. You will need a flat head screwdriver to loosen the stock turbo pipe. It will slide right off. The ZZP pipe fit on my turbo with no problems. The MAF was snug but I managed to fit it in. The air filter and pipe was very snug. You have no room to play with. Just be warned, this is where you need patience. I recommend keeping your clamps loose until you get the whole unit lined up. Then tighten. Our HHR's have very narrow front ends so space is just simply not there. You will have to force the air filter down below next to the radio hose. But it fits fine once you get it in place. Once it was all installed I plugged the MAF sensor in and started my car up. Immediately I could tell the cars ECM was sniffing something new out. Ran rough and coughed but once the computer was done recognizing the new air intake, the car smoothes right out. I stepped on the gas pedal and righy away I was satisfied! I finally after all these years can hear my turbo spool up! Wow! Such a cool sound. I have never heard my car do that. I revved it to 4,000 RPM and let off. That is when I could here the sneeze. So if you are looking for the blow off valve sound, you will get that with this intake. So overall, I would recommend this is if you are a weekend garage warrior like me. All you need is a screwdriver and an allen key to do this. Good luck and Cheers! Thank you ZZP! Another satisfied returning customer.

ZZPerformance ZZP LNF HHR High Flow Intake ReviewZZPerformance ZZP LNF HHR High Flow Intake ReviewZZPerformance ZZP LNF HHR High Flow Intake Review