Intercooling - ZZP LSJ Dual Pass Intercooler Plate Kit
Intercooling - ZZP LSJ Dual Pass Intercooler Plate Kit

ZZP LSJ Dual Pass Intercooler Plate Kit

ZZP LSJ Dual Pass Intercooler Plate Kit

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 ZZPerformance had a new end plate casted so we do not have to hack up a used stock plate, weld fittings on it, then thread ugly fittings into it. Ours is a new bolt on unit with no core charge!

The OEM liquid to air laminova intercooler flows in series and our dual pass plate kit converts it to run in parallel. Series means that it flows from one core to the next, then the next, then the next, then it exits the plate. Parallel means that it flows through two cores at once and then through the other two then out.The results are cooler outlet temperatures from the supercharger.


The OEM intercooler uses 4 laminova intercooler cores. Inside the intake manifold, hot air from the supercharger passes through the cores and then on to the engine. Pictures below show the stock lower intake manifold with the incoming air sections highlighted in red and the intercooled air flowing to the engine highlighted in blue.


The problem with the design of the factory system is this:

As you can see from the intake pictures above, the air has its choice of flowing though one of 4 cores. In this fashion, each core cools 25% of the air going into the engine. The factory intercooler system sends water from the front mount heat exchanger to only one of the IC cores. That IC core then feeds the next IC core and so on. With this design each laminova core receives warmer water. So if your incoming water is 80 deg going into the first core, it may be 90 going into the 2nd, then 100 going into the 3rd and 110 going into the 4th. Clearly this isn't the best way to utilize the cores.


By installing the dual pass end plate, the water is fed to 2 cores at the same time which then feed the other 2 cores. Using the above hypothetical numbers, 2 of the cores would receive 80 deg water and two of them would receive 90 deg water. This improves the systems ability to cool the air and lowers IATs.


There is another benefit to the dual pass and ZZP is proud to be the first to bring this information to light. The stock laminova cores are restrictive for a pump as large as the one used in the LSJ. The laminova cores have limited coolant flow area as shown below right and highlighted in blue.


By running the dual pass endplate, which runs 2 cores in parallel, the coolant flow rate is increased by 40%. This provides additional gains. The gains of higher coolant flow have been backed up by our supercharger dyno. We measured continued intercooler performance as flow increased. Gains did approach diminishing returns but there was a measured gain from 4 to 6 GPM.


Important to keep in mind is that a vehicle running our dual pass endplate will circulate ~1.5 gallons in a 14 second 1/4 mile pass. This should be considered when sizing your heat exchanger and reservoir .


End plate torque spec: 89 in lbs




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