ZZP LTG Auxiliary Fueling Kit

ZZP LTG Auxiliary Fueling Kit

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Our ZZP auxiliary fueling kit for the LTG engine is the easiest way to add additional fuel flow that would be required to run full pump E85 on your LTG powered vehicle. As you increase horsepower on a direct injected car you quickly run out of fuel system, especially when running alternative fuels like E85; we usually recommend upgrading the stock cam to our cam with a larger fuel pump lobe that drives the OEM high pressure mechanical pump. This auxiliary kit gives you the ability to run full E85 without touching the engine internals (cam with larger lobe) or expensive replacement DI portions of the fuel system like a larger high pressure mechanical pump or fuel injectors. 

The LTG's stock fuel system is generally limited to around E47 (half and half 91/93 and E85), while this auxiliary kit will allow you to run full E85, even on an upgraded turbo. Your low pressure (in-tank) pump will most likely need to be upgraded since this kit relies on it for the additional fuel.

Controlled by an AEM injector controller this kit starts at a set MAF signal, meaning your daily driving habits will be unchanged and the additional fueling will only start when needed.

Benefits of an auxiliary fuel system:

  • Larger fueling gains than our fuel cam alone, without the extra labor of timing/replacing the cam. 
  • MAF HZ controller means additional fuel will not spray during normal driving.  
  • "Port style" injectors means your your intake valves will stay clean and are now more resistant to coking. 
  • ZZP billet throttle body auxiliary injector spacer
  • ZZP billet injector fuel rail
  • 42# injectors (2)
  • AEM controller
  • -06AN fuel hose
  • Controller wiring harness
  • Injector harness
  • MAF harness
  • All hardware necessary for installation
  • Instructions

Note: Remote tuning is needed for this kit, will not work with a 1.0 flash PCM. This kit requires a ZZP flex fuel kit, found here. The fuel feed works through the flex fuel sensor, however since the controller does not know the ethanol percentage we recommend sticking to either full E85, or a set mixture throughout usage. Please consult your tuner with any questions regarding ethanol percentage. 

CLICK HERE for Digital Install Instructions
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