ZZP LTG Big Wheel Turbo


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ZZP LTG Big Wheel Turbo
ZZP LTG Big Wheel Turbo
ZZP LTG Big Wheel Turbo

This is a replacement turbo with a larger compressor wheel fully assembled that will drop in place of your OEM turbo. No physical modifications needed.  

The factory turbocharger found in LTG powered vehicles is manufactured by Mitsubishi with a 46mm x 58mm compressor wheel.  This means that the inlet of the wheel has a 46mm diameter, and where the air exits the wheel into the compressor housing, the wheel diameter is 58mm.  The factory turbo does a great job of responding quickly and efficiently for a daily driver car running in the 275 to 325 horsepower range.  However, many people are looking to get more power out of their 2 liter ATS, Camaro, CTS, Regal, or Malibu. 

If our ZFR line of bolt on turbos don’t match your budget or power goals, we now offer factory turbochargers that have been modified with our larger billet compressor wheel.  

The new wheel measures 50mm at the inducer and 64mm at the exducer diameter.  Adding more diameter to the exducer changes the characteristics of the wheel in a way that adds efficiency at higher boost levels.  This makes our Big Wheel turbo for the LTG an excellent choice for people looking to run over 20psi boost pressures.  On our 2014 manual trans Cadillac ATS sedan, we have actually surpassed 360 horsepower to the wheels with our Big Wheel Turbo. Of course this is with all of our LTG bolt on modifications that we sell, and running on E85.

Does not come with PCV inlet tube or bypass valve assembly. Those items will have to be swapped over from your stock turbo.

This is a brand new OEM turbo machined for the larger wheel, and no core charge is required. 

ZZP LTG Big Wheel Turbo
ZZP LTG Big Wheel Turbo
ZZP LTG Big Wheel Turbo
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A ZZPerformance Customer
Chris D.
United States United States
Great support!

My experience on every product I've purchased from ZZP has been great. Tyler Vogt is an absolute pleasure to talk to for support and explanations on any question or problem I've ever had. If support and customer service is key to ZZP and the longevity of the company, he is definitely a person to stand behind to represent your product for your company

ZZPerformance ZZP LTG Big Wheel Turbo Review
G A.
United States United States
No Brainer

18 Camaro LTG - Installed with my driveway ramps with basic tools in about 4 hours total work time. 90 percent of the work was with swivel head ratchet 10, 12, and 13mm and a hose release tool from autozone. Punched up my tune files to accommodate the new found power. I do my own tuning work. My comparison numbers are amazing so far. But the response and drive-ability is where this baby shines. The compressor is larger by 5mm yes, and billet is denser, but these wheels can be machined down to more precise forms that makes an advantage over the factory cast wheel and see weight savings at the same time. I will drop a hint here, find the pressure ratio across the throttle plate table and put 20 to 40 kpa in there and this thing responds like a V-8. Seriously zero lag and amazing low end throttle response. So for the numbers. Its not quite track season yet so I don't have times to gloat over. I am expecting solid 12 percent gains after SAE corrections on the dyno, but that's still 30hp and 40torque or maybe better in the hottest low pressure air we see here in summer in N.E. For now, enjoying 1200 feet below sea level DA, crisp dry air, (remember static?) the car is pulling an amazing 400 ft lbs of tq and 380 hp peak on 93 and spinning all the way through 2nd.

Rob M.
United States United States
2014 Buick Regal

Not a bad experience and because the turbo is located in the front on the regal and everything bolts to OEM equipment installing was fairly easy. A nice long extension and you can from underneath reach the oil return line and hot side charge pipe. Also don't forget on the turbo banjo fittings you have two washers per banjo one that goes on bolt and one that get sandwich between banjo and turbo. A perfect fit under the ZZP heat shield and Definitely a must buy if you are wishing to push more consistent power! When I punch it now I can feel the constant power boost all the way through with no drop off. Definitely pairs well with the down pipe and tune from ZZP along with air intake and cat back exhaust. ZZP throttle body is going on next with some minor modifications. Not many people do up the Regal but that's fine I like being different hah.

ZZPerformance ZZP LTG Big Wheel Turbo ReviewZZPerformance ZZP LTG Big Wheel Turbo Review
Brett C.
United States United States
Final Piece of the Puzzle

This turbo combined with all the bolt-ons really opens up the LTG and changes the entire driving experience. Install was very easy because all of the factory lines bolt right up. It also cost hundred dollars less than any of the competitors AND you get to keep your original turbo too (others require a core). There is basically no turbo lag just like the factory turbo but when you punch it, hold on! If your looking to get the most out of your ATS/Camaro, this part is a must. Shout out to Matt for all of the tuning that really makes it all happen and Tyler for all of the help in making this decision. Dyno and Track soon to come...

ZZPerformance ZZP LTG Big Wheel Turbo ReviewZZPerformance ZZP LTG Big Wheel Turbo Review