ZZP LTG Billet Wastegate Actuator

ZZP LTG Billet Wastegate Actuator

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There are three main things that primarily control the boost on your 2.0T LTG.  The ECM, the bypass solenoid, and finally the mechanical wastegate diaphragm. This is the part that holds the wastegate flapper closed until desired boost is achieved, then it releases exhaust into your downpipe to maintain that desired boost.  The factory one is weak and can prematurely fail and is also known to not be able to hold desired boost to redline.  This is an aftermarket replacement bypass valve that has increased spring pressure which will hit your desired boost quicker and maintain a more consistent boost for higher RPM power (due to keeping boost PSI higher to redline). 

Important: This product will help avoid a P0299 "under boost" code, but will also increase your chance of getting a P0234 "over boost" code.  We highly recommend a PCM tune when installing an aftermarket wastegate actuator. 

Fits: 2013-2019 Cadillac ATS 2.0t, 2016-2022 Chevy Camaro 2.0t, 2014-2020 Buick Regal 2.0T, 2014-2020 Cadillac CTS 2.0T, 2013-Present Chevy Malibu. Should fit other LTG engine platform vehicles like Envision, Equinox, etc. but we have not tested fitment with stock turbo heat shield. Does not bolt onto our ZFR or Z54/57 turbos. 

Fitment note: May interfere with Mishimoto drivers side catch can. Cap can be rotated to clear the can.  


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