ZZP LTG Z57 Turbo
ZZP LTG Z57 Turbo
ZZP LTG Z57 Turbo
ZZP LTG Z57 Turbo

ZZP LTG Z57 Turbo

ZZP LTG Z57 Turbo

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After more than two years in development and testing, we are ready to release our new Z57 turbo for the LTG platform. Since 2017, we have sold several hundred of our popular Z54 and Z57 model turbos for the Ecotec platform, and we're now bringing this technology to the LTG market.  All Z57s also come with Inconel wastegate hardware for more durability in extreme conditions. We then added a V-band compressor outlet for easy customization to different platforms and engine combinations. 

Testing of the Z57 has been nothing short of spectacular. Our two test vehicles both quickly surpassed 500whp at moderate boost levels. We set out to build a turbo that closely compares to our ZFR 7163 offering, but at a more affordable price point. This goal was achieved, and we are very excited to see the LTG market take advantage of this new boost in the horsepower per dollar realm.

Our Z57 turbo is designed to bolt in place of the factory TD04 turbo on the LTG motor. It allows you to reuse your existing intake and exhaust parts without any adapters. While boost will still be controlled by your ECM, you will need to have your tune set up for this turbo. The wastegate duty cycle chart is the main area that needs to be modified. Since this turbo is fully manufactured and marketed as a ZZP product, it also carries our standard 2 year warranty. Comes with all necessary hardware, v-band outlet adapter, coolant, and oil lines for installation. 


Inlet: 2.5” 
Outlet: 2” V-band 
Inducer: 57mm 
Exducer: 71mm

Inlet: TD04
Outlet: LTG-TD04
Inducer: 63mm 
Exducer: 56mm

What cars will it fit on?
This turbo is set up for the 2.0 liter Cadillac ATS, CTS, or Chevy Camaro. As of 1.2023 we now have our FWD fitment version available for purchase. Confirmed fit on Regal and Malibu, may fit on other transverse mounted LTG's.

The Z57 turbo is significantly larger than the stock TD04 turbo that comes on the LTG engines. Due to the fragility of the LTG we DO NOT recommend running a Z57 on stock internals. By purchasing this turbo you understand that it can harm your stock engine. 

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